F*kumean” rapper Gunna’s return to rap hasn’t been smooth sailing. Still, he’s at least managed to land on several top music charts The release of his latest studio album is a major milestone for the musician. A Gift And A Curse. Gunna’s label boss, Young Stoner Life, is rumored to have tipped off hundreds of hip-hop enthusiasts. Young Thug (real name Jeffery lamar Williams). Young Thug, who is currently behind bars fighting the YSL RICO case brought up against him, he hasn’t released many public statements.

On the other hand, Young Thug’s dad, Jeffrey Lamar Williams Sr., more affectionally known as Big Jeff, has remained vocal in the press. In an interview conducted by YouTuber Infamous SYlvia, Big Jeff spoke out in favor of Gunna and dispelled rumors that he was a snitch.

When asked about his thoughts on Gunna, he answered, “I love Gunna.” Shortly after viewers flooded the video’s chat forum to ask for clarity on the claims that Gunna had snitched on his son, he replied, “Let me try to help the attorney clarify that a little simpler. Gunna hasn’t done anything whatsoever that can hurt us on this case, period.”

Williams Sr. continued the interview by saying that he felt Gunna had been railroaded. He encouraged him to release music again to bring money to the YSL record label. Gunna was named as a co defendant in the YSL RICO trial, but was offered acquittal when he refused to take it. plea deal in December. He was then released.

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