Young Thug’s attorney, Brian SteelAfter a felony conviction,. has been sentenced to prison. Georgia The judge ruled that the lawyer was in contempt after a dramatic day in court. 

On Monday (June 10), Steel It is a good idea to use arrested He was taken into custody for refusing the discloser of who had informed him that a private meeting took place between the judge, prosecution and key witnesses Kenneth “Lil Woody” Copeland.  

After Returning to court Judge Ural Glanville Tell them to get on with it Steel He would imprison him if he didn’t name his source.  

“You will go into custody at five o’clock today or whenever we finish if you don’t tell me,” Glanville Tell them to get on with it Steele. Later In the hearing, arguments are heard from Steele’s attorneys, Glanville ordered Steele To 20 days in prison He The weekend following his sentencing will be the first weekends Friday, June 14. 

Steele You can appeal the decision. However, Glanville I agreed to the request of the attorney to serve my time with Young Thug Name (real name) Jeffery Williams) in Fulton County If his appeal is rejected, he will be sent to prison.  

“I’d ask that I could be with Mr. Williams, and we work on our case all weekend, for all those weekends. Otherwise, I can’t prepare, I speak with Mr Williams all the time,” Steele argued. 

“You have my support,” Glanville replied. “I will talk to our sheriff, and we may be able to make that work.” 

The attorney’s wife, Colette Resnik SteelIt is appealing The contempt order However, Glanville She said that her husband does not have grounds for an appeal or to request a hearing on his bond. NonethelessThe judge stated that he will lift the order should the need arise. Steele Would reveal his source?  

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