The The atmosphere Young Thug’s A lawyer for the rapper, YSL RICO, was taken into custody in court during proceedings.

According A report by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution The following are some of the most effective ways to improve your own effectiveness. Monday (June When the temperature reached 10°C, things became a little spicy. Brian Steel Confronted Judge Ural Glanville A hush-hush conversation between Glanville, prosecutors, as well as a star testimony earlier in the morning. When How did he get the scoop? Steel He was coy and didn’t spill the beans. This led to his dramatic departure from the courtroom.

I’m I’m going to give you 5 minutes. If I don’t know who it is. I’m “I’m going to treat you with contempt,” he said. Judge Ural Glanville.

“I don’t need five minutes,” It is a good idea to respond to the question. Steel.

Following The court temporarily recessed to allow the back and forth of the players. When The meeting was reconvened Glanville Give Steel One more chance for the truth to be told but met with resistance.

“Mr. Steel, I’m going to ask you again. I need you to tell me how you got this information. This is so sacrosanct to have a conversation in my chambers parroted to you,” You can also add your own comments. Glanville.

Steel He tried to get a mistrial dismissed, but the judge rejected it and sent him into custody. Back The courtroom was soon to follow. Steel He’s been given a reprieve while he watches the legal drama play out, but if his source doesn’t come forward by the end, he’ll be back in jail!

Steel’s comes after rapper Lil Woody (real name Kenneth Copeland) was arrested on the witness stand for refusing to testify.

Copeland’s attorney, John MelnickHe told the court he was going to use his Fifth Amendment rights. However, Glanville The other party informed Copeland, who is believed to have been the informant Young Thug’s He was told that there were allegations of criminal activity and that if he did not testify, then he would be held in contempt. “What he has told me is that he repeatedly told the DA’s office that he did not wish to cooperate,” Melnick In a statement, it was said.

Initially Immunity for testimony Copeland The defendant was arrested when he refused to appear in court. “You are required to testify, so if you don’t testify the state is probably going to ask me to jail you and I’m probably going to do that,” Glanville Say before Copeland’s arrest. Copeland’s Response to the decision is short and simple. “I’m grown,” He said. “I’m an adult.”

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