Back in 2021, Sotheby’s sold the then-coveted 2008 “Grammy-Worn” Nike Air Yeezy. The shoe is Air Yeezy. Ye The sneaker that was worn on stage at the auction house at the time was worth over $1 million dollars. It is the most expensive sneaker ever sold at an auction. At the time, the sample sold for a record-breaking $1.8 million USD at Sotheby’s and just recently, Goldin Auctions The aforementioned pair was seized by the public.

The auction house listed Nike Air Yeezy 1 In August, samples will start at $50,000 USD. Earlier this week, the auction ended with the sneaker selling for just $180,106 USD — a 90% drop in price from the 2021 Sotheby’s auction. Between the two sales, there was a difference of $1,619894, or to be precise, a total of $904,096 USD. The size 12 shoe sample was made exclusively for Ye and he was seen wearing them at the 50th Annual Grammy Music Awards when he won four Grammy’s and performed “Stronger” on stage.

This shoe has a black leather outsole with glow-in the-dark detailing. The sneaker comes in a wooden box with laser-cut artwork by industry veteran Mark Smith. With the evident drop in price, it goes to show that Ye’s influence may not be as prominent as it once was. Examine the shoe in question.

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