Although the Xencelab Pen Tablet Small is a smaller tablet, it still has all the features you would expect from the brand’s other excellent tablets. You might be worried about the size of this tablet. It is portable and can be taken with you on your travels.

Let’s begin with the contents of the box. The box is just like my favorite drawing tablet. Xencelabs Pen Tablet Medium Bundle, the smaller device by the same manufacturer comes with a variety of great accessories. The package includes two different-sized stylus pens, nibs, and a smart hard case. It also contains a tactile carrying case for the tablet, with space for the USB-C charger and connecting cable, USB dongle, and palm rejection glove.

It doesn’t contain the same things as its bigger cousin, but it does include the Xencelabs Quick Keys (opens in a new tab Access shortcut keys, a handy radial dial and an accessory for accessing shortcut keys, which I consider essential. But I’ll get to the reason later.

This review was based on the Xencelab Pen Tablet Small. I have been using it for two weeks, and tested it on a variety of different subjects. best digital arts softwareRebelle 6, Sketchable and Concepts are all available. I’m using the Xencelab Pen Tablet Small with the Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio. Our ‘How we test and review on Creative BloqFor more information about our process, see the ‘guide.

Specifications for the Xencelabs Pen Tablet Small

The Xencelabs Pen Tablet Small, a highly-specced drawing tablet that is very precise to use, is the Xencelabs Pen Tablet Small. (Image credit: Future)

The Xencelabs Pen Tablet Small measures 9.21 x 727 inches and has an active drawing area measuring 6.93 x 3.89 inches. Although it may seem small, it is still very useful and can be used with a laptop.

The included USB cable can be used to connect the tablet wirelessly via Bluetooth. For wireless support, you will need to use an adapter that comes with the dongle. It can connect directly to your laptop’s Bluetooth. This is not an issue for me as my laptop has four ports. However, it’s worth mentioning that some devices may have fewer ports.

Xencelabs Pen Tablet Small review; a black box with buttons and a radial dial on a wooden table

Although the Xencelabs Quick Keys accessory must be purchased separately, I believe it is essential. (Image credit: Future)

This tablet boasts a remarkable resolution of 5080 lines/inch (Lpi), which equals the highest resolution in its class. Wacom Intuos Pro S The Wacom Intuos small is twice as big. The pressure levels on the Xencelabs Pen Tablet Small have the same pressure levels as the Wacom Intuos Small at 8,192 levels.

Wacom excels in touchpad gesture support. The Wacom Intuos Pro S features this tech, while the Wacom Intuous Small (Xencelabs Pen Tablet Small) does not.

This, and only three buttons on the Xencelabs Pen Tablet Small, mean you will ideally need the Xencelabs Quick Keys add-on, costing $89 / £95. The clever little gadget allows you to customize key commands for six buttons and the radial dial. This is great for zooming in on your art. This review was done using the Xencelabs Quick Keys accessory.

Other than touchpad support, there isn’t much that can be said to distinguish the Xencelabs Pro Tablet Small from its Wacom Intuos Pro S. You will need to purchase the Xencelabs Quick Keys, but there are many reasons to love the Xencelabs Pen Tablet Small. These include the two stylus pens and the ability to use them as a pen.

The box contains both the three-button standard pen and a thinner version that is similar to the Apple Pencil. The use of the pen will determine which one you prefer. For example, I find the thinner stylus more suitable for drawing and painting, while the thicker Wacom-like pen works well for 3D work such as ZBrush sculpting. Both pens feel great and feel well-made. They have a soft-touch feel and a weight that make them very easy to use.

Using the Xencelabs Pen Tab Small

Xencelabs Pen Tablet Small review; a small drawing tablet connected to a laptop on a wooden table

The tablet can be connected easily and the app allows for you to modify settings and customize buttons (and the LED colours). (Image credit: Future)

It is easy to set up the Xencelabs Pen Tablet Small. You can even start using it as soon as you download the app. I just plugged it into my computer and began scribbling. You can adjust the pen pressure and button settings to make the tablet more user-friendly. There are software-specific presets available for apps like Corel Painter or Photoshop.

The Xencelabs Pen Tablet Small works well and produces precise lines and strokes. It has a great pressure sensitivity. I enjoyed building layers of paint in Rebelle 6 and then applying pressure to create deeper colours and marks. 

It is a small tablet, so you’ll need to adjust to the size of your work area and workspace. But within minutes I was able to adapt and it quickly became an extension to my workflow. This is a smaller version the Xencelabs Pen Tablet Medium. It uses the same drivers and I love it. The Xencelabs Pen Tablet Medium is my favourite drawing tablet.

Xencelabs Pen Tablet Small review; a person's hand holds a pen stylus over a small drawing tablet

This tablet has a very small size, but is packed with features. (Image credit: Future)

There are also some nice design touches, like four small corner LEDs that glow in the active drawing area. These can be colour-customised. The tablet tapers in an elegant curve towards the edge. This makes it very comfortable to use. 

The three buttons at the top of the drawing tablet can be customised via the app, but as a default these are set to altering the pressure, adjusting settings, and changing the display – so you can set the Xencelabs Pen Tablet Small to work on your main display while leaving a second monitor free for other tasks.

Xencelabs Pen Tablet Small review; a travel case for a drawing tablet made from grey material

The interior is soft and has hard layers. It also includes pouches to store cables and the stylus. (Image credit: Future)

The Xencelabs Pen Tablet Small’s small size and wireless nature make it a perfect portable drawing table that you can take on your trips. The battery lasted me just over 15 hours, and it took only two and a half hours to fully charge. It can also be wired easily.

The Xencelabs Pen Tablet Small can be used on Windows, Mac, and Android devices. This makes it a great tablet for those who are always on the go. You can slip it into your bag easily thanks to the handy travel pouch that holds cables and the hard-shell stylus cover.

Do you need a Xencelabs Pen Tab Small?

Xencelabs Pen Tablet Small review; a small drawing tablet is connected to a laptop

This is a great choice if you are looking for a small drawing table with added features and value. (Image credit: Future)

I like the larger Xencelabs Tablet Medium bundle. The smaller version of the drawing tablet is just as good. The Xencelabs Pen Tablet Small was very easy to use. You get quality stylus pens, additional nibs, and a hard case. A travel pouch is also a great option. The experience of opening and using the travel pouch is unparalleled.

At $199.99 (opens in a new tab / £179.90 (Opens in a new tab the Xencelabs Pen Tablet Small is cheaper than its closest rival, the Wacom Intuos Pro $249.95 / £199.99 but the Wacom does feature touchpad support, which is helpful. I would advise you to buy the Xencelabs Quick Keys add-on for an extra $89 / £95, which takes the overall package above the Wacom, but you’re getting a fantastic setup. 

I hope that Xencelabs will eventually offer a bundle deal for the Medium tablet. This will lower the cost and increase the value. If you have the Medium tablet, however, it is possible to get a bundle deal. Xencelabs Pen Tablet Medium bundle (Opens in a new tab If you are in search of a travel tablet, the Xencelabs Quick Keys accessory will be your best choice. 

Overall, I enjoyed the Xencelabs Pen Tablet Small. It’s a reliable and well-made drawing tablet. The package is fantastic.

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