Xencelabs Pen Display 24


Global partnered with professional artists to create global digital drawing Xencelabs has developed the Pen Display 24, a solution that can change your career. The flagship product increases the creativity and productivity with its touchscreen. The glass screen is designed to have the perfect amount of friction for drawing, just like on paper. Its pressure curve has been tuned to be highly reactive to allow designers express their unique strokes on the digital canvas.

Xencelabs launches flagship product Pen Display 24

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xencelabs = Sense + Labs


Xencelabs, founded in 2019, is a team of professionals with diverse backgrounds in software, engineering and IT, as well as industrial design. The US-based company The company emerged in the creative tech world with a vision that was clear: to facilitate artistic expression by creating intuitive and comfortable drawing tools. Its name derives from the word ‘sense’ with the ‘labs’ suffix a nod to their collaborative spirit, where technical expertise combines the artistic experience.


‘We needed to have a name that reflected who we are, that helped to communicate what we aspire to, and what we aspire for our artists, customers. We knew we wanted to combine something around the emotional aspect, the senses and something around the technology,’ Michael Thompson, Global Product Head at Xencelabs.

Xencelabs gives digital designers natural drawing feel with Pen Display 24
Pen Display 24 is designed with a glass screen that provides just the right level of friction to mimic drawing on paper.



Xencelabs’ Pen Display 24 is a great example of how they continue to push boundaries in digital art. This customer-centric strategy allows the company to ensure that their products meet and exceed the expectations for technology and design enthusiasts. Pen Display 24 focuses on customization and features a pressure-curve that is highly responsive, allowing artists to freely express strokes and styles on the digital canvases. The pen’s sensitivity can be adjusted to match different preferences, allowing for delicate or bold strokes, tailored to the user’s own language.


Our philosophy is that the customer, more or less, does not even notice that he’s using a pen display. He can freely create his art without having to think about the next step. He can create his artwork without worrying about the next stroke.,’ Volker Huebner is the Director of Industrial Design for Xencelabs.

Xencelabs gives digital designers natural drawing feel with Pen Display 24
The Pen Display 24 is a highly responsive pen display that focuses on customization.



The display surface provides a clear and comfortable environment for creative work. The precise alignment of the pen nib with the cursor reduces parallax and offers accurate control as well as a smooth drawing. Ergonomics takes the spotlight when long hours are spent on creative work. The 24-inch display is the perfect balance of freeing up space on your desk and giving artists ample drawing area to explore their ideas. The bezel width is calibrated to maximize the drawing area without compromising palm support. With the included tilt stand users can easily adjust their display to suit the creative flow they are in, from 16 to 72 degree angles, using a simple, one-handed movement.

Xencelabs gives digital designers natural drawing feel with Pen Display 24
the pen’s sensitivity can be adjusted to match different preferences



Pen Display 24’s minimalist design keeps artists in their creative zone


Minimalism defines the Pen Display 24’s design philosophy. Artists can fully focus on their creativity with its uncluttered layout, minimal button and absence of distracting texture. Beyond aesthetics, the display’s thin and compact design has practical benefits. A high-quality magnesium alloy back housing not only enhances its appearance but also serves a functional purpose – saving fans for heat dissipation. Absence of noise-producing cooling fans allows for a quieter working environment. The Pen Display 24 comes with two different sized pens to accommodate a variety of hand sizes.


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