Slowthai, the flamboyant British rapper, has been officially announced as a new artist. charged with two counts The alleged incident dates back to 2021 in Oxford, England. The alleged incident occurred in Oxford, England, 2021. Tyron Frampton has already appeared before a court and was released on bail. He’s officially appearing at the Oxford Crown Court on June 16th. Slowthai quickly denied the allegations. On Instagram, he stated, “I am innocent and I am confident my name will be cleared. I will continue to put my efforts into ensuring that this case is settled quickly and in a fair manner. I ask that my supporters don’t comment about this situation and respect the process and privacy of my family during this time.”

While these charges are (by far) the most serious to be levied against Slowthai, it’s not the first time he’s been in the spotlight for the wrong reasons. Slowthai was “canceled” in February 2020 when he made several explicit jokes with comedian Katherine Ryan at the NME Awards. He then got into an argument with a member in the audience. This controversy was the inspiration for his second studio album. Tyron.

Slowthai had multiple jobs before he became a musician

MANCHESTER, ENGLAND – MARCH 28: Slowthai performs at the O2 Ritz on March 28, 2019 in Manchester, United Kingdom. (Photo by Visionhaus/Getty Images).

Slowthai has humble origins. He was raised in Northampton and went to college to learn music technology. Slowthai students often missed school to work in a recording studio near their home. Tyron Frampton, who attended college in England’s East Midlands, had a number of temporary jobs before he became a music star. He was actually fired by Next for giving his friends employee discount.

It wasn’t until 2016 that Slowthai would have his breakout with “Jiggle.” Featuring a minimal drum-based beat, he rapped about struggling to pay rent while hinting at his debut project, No Great Britain. The track wasn’t exactly an international hit. It was enough for him to be in the same room as other successful artists and record labels in the area. He continued to release mixtapes after the song that garnered some attention. In 2017, he was signed to a recording contract by Method Records. He released his first album in 2018. Britain is not a great country.

Slowthai’s Charges Threaten The UK Rap Scene

Slowthai received a lot of praise in the UK from 2016-2018. However, Nothing Great About Britain took his music worldwide. Screaming his heart out amidst distinct punk-rap production, tracks such as “Doorman” and “Inglorious” featuring Skepta introduced the world a measured but aggressive MC. By 2019, Slowthai was a global sensation, even contributing guest vocals on Tyler, the Creator’s “What’s Good” on Igor. In addition, he’s appeared on a variety of Brockhampton cuts.

Slowthai would go on to release Tyron In 2021. The record was released a year after the controversial NME Awards appearance. It showed the then 27-year old as vulnerable as ever in regards to his flaws. While No Great Britain I was more outraged by the grey monotony of UK society. Tyron He took a good look at himself. However, he still worked bangers such as “CANCELLED” featuring Skepta and “MAZZA” featuring A$AP Rocky into the mix.

He Recently Released His Third Studio Album, “Ugly”

He released his third studio albums in March 2023. Ugly. Slowthai is his most controversial album to date. It completely abandons traditional rap tropes. Instead, he solidifies the punk sub-genre of rap that he’s worked to popularize over the past five years. Slowthai sings more than ever on the record, with tracks such as “Selfish” and “Feel Good” gaining immediate critical acclaim. A record that is angsty at its core. Existential questions about the meaning of existence take center stage. Ugly‘s forefront.

As mentioned previously, Ugly Has received a variety of accolades opinions Critics. This is his most unfiltered and wildest record yet. Pitchfork‘s review of the project wasn’t exactly an endorsement of the project. However, others praise the record’s subject matter surrounding addiction, anger issues, and impulsivity. Its sound palettes are diverse, ranging from David Bowie and Fontaines D.C to a variety of other influences. The UK music scene would suffer a huge loss if the charges against Slowthai are upheld.

Slowthai’s music and his ADHD-induced personality are both well-known. Having a knack for ditching class and getting fired from his 9 to 5s, he’s never been one to mince his personality for anybody else. “I’m always going off on tangents,” he states, “sorry about that.” Of course, he’s saying all of this with a cheeky smile. This energy has been translated to the mainstage. The energetic rapper is a popular recording artist with concertgoers. Approaching 30 years old, he’s looked to become a source of inspiration for UK rappers coming up before him. One of the pioneers of the UK’s rap scene, plenty of underground talents are yet to make it big out of the area.

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