Weekly Design News #1.

Every Sunday we’re rounding up the best of the previous week’s stories from, and in this issue #1, we picked typography trends, creating a parallax slider with Anime.js, and some Figma plugins you probably didn’t know about, plus tons more. Let’s dive in!

Typography Trends

Typography Trends for Web Design in 2023

The world of web typography has seen a huge explosion in creativity by 2023. Web typography has been transformed by a variety of interesting trends, including 3D fonts, richer typefaces and bolder fonts.

Adobe Firefly

Adobe’s Firefly generative AI tools are now widely available

Firefly-powered features like Photoshop’s Generative Fill tool are now out of beta. Adobe has also introduced a new stock contributor bonus program to reward those who help train Adobe’s AI models.

System Thinking

Rethink your System Thinking

Research, design, build and release — a 4-part guide to create, document and maintain your design system components. Also, tips and tools for creating the ultimate component library.

Google Fonts

Google Fonts Redesign is a nice example of Material 3 for mobile web

Google Fonts’ website has been completely updated with Material 3 redesign, which is a great showcase for the mobile web design language.

Circular Slider

Circular Slider with Anime.js

Content is often displayed using rotating parallax sliders. They are most commonly positioned in the so-called Hero section and are tasked with presenting content in an interesting manner and capturing the visitors’ attention for the product you are selling at first glance.

Meaningful Outcomes

Design for meaningful results

Aim for quality outcomes, not just outputs — that’s how we can drive customer and business value!

Japanese Web

Japan’s unique web design styles

In browsing through the web design gallery that I had previously presented, I came across a few unique design elements that are not common in English websites. Without further ado, let’s dive into it.

Best Websites

The 20 best new websites of September 2023

Need some design inspiration? Looking for inspiration, techniques and trends? Do you just love web design and enjoy seeing what’s out there? We welcome you to our site, no matter what your reasons for being here are.

US Web Design System

U.S. announces official Web design system

The federal agency now has a design system that is designed to make online government services more accessible, legible, and consistent.

Grocery UX

Grocery UX: Dynamically Update the “Add to Cart” Button

During Baymard’s large-scale grocery testing, as participants explored different food categories and added products to the cart, they would sometimes lose track of what they had already added to the cart. As a result, users in the product list will be forced to visit the cart again and again…

Typography Tips

Eight micro tips to improve typography

Your website will be more readable and attractive if you pay attention to the small details.


DevHunt – Open source Product Hunt for dev tools

As a software developer, you’ve probably struggled to get your dev tool seen among a sea of unrelated products. That’s why we created DevHunt – a platform made specifically with developers in mind. It’s also Open Source.


Font Family B612

B612 font family is a highly legible, open-source font designed to be used in cockpit screens.

Figma Plugins

10 Figma Plugins You Probably didn’t know about

Figma continues to evolve as a powerful UX design tool. The Figma community is constantly creating useful plugins that make our jobs easier.


Generating UIs with Simple Text Prompts

Vercel Labs has created a generative interface system powered by AI called v0. It generates React code that can be copied and pasted based on Shadcn UI or Tailwind CSS.

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