Many theories have been put forward about the meanings and messages hidden in famous art works. A creative agency claims to have found something new. Stella Artois.

GUT in Buenos Aires has cleverly tapped this tendency. It wanted to know if the beer had been used in famous works of art. The conclusion of its study, to borrow an adverb from another beer brand, is that the beer probably was (see our selection). best print adverts For more inspiration, click here.

According to legend, the Stella Artois Logo is the oldest logo in history. The modern logo is a reference to Den Hoorn’s original horn logo. While this may not be entirely accurate, it’s true that Den Hoorn founded in 1366 was one of first companies recorded as having a logo. GUT, with all of this history, decided to calculate how likely it was that the beer featured in famous European artworks could have been brewed Stella’s ancestor. 

Copywriter Haroldo Moreira wrote on LinkedIn Opens in a new tab“We developed an algorithms that analyzed every painting. Based on variables like the date it was painted and geographical location as well as the type of liquid and glass used, we compared that data to the extensive brand history records. The result is a percentage which indicates the probability that Stella Artois can be found in these paintings.

Artois Probability was a campaign that was run in partnership with the Buenos Aires Museo de Bellas. The exhibit featured the paintings analysed and allowed visitors to use their smartphones to look for Stella. The campaign included print ads as well outdoor billboards that depicted historic works of artwork by Van Gogh. Monet, Brueghel. Brouwer, and Teniers.

Moreira stated that “all masterpieces, regardless of their high or low likelihood, are part our campaign. Our hope is that you think of Stella Artois whenever you see a beer depicted in a picture,” he said. The question is whether we should consider a Der Hoorn as Stella Artois. (The brewery changed its name to Artois from 1708 to Stella Artois 1926.) This has to be the most entertaining use of data analysis in an advertisement. 

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