This year’s exhibition is a showcase of the best in contemporary art Designers Saturday Evening in Oslo Designers including Andreas Engesvik You can also find out more about the following: Anna Maria Øfstedal Eng A historic bank building.

You can also find out more about the following: Unika Auction In the main hall of what was once the Norwegian Bank’s headquarters, 30 designers and studios exhibited furniture, lighting, homeware and sculptural works.

Unika Auction was held in the former Norwegian Bank Headquarters

All the designs will be sold in an online auction The event is being hosted by Norwegian art dealer Blomqvist and will continue until the 24th September.

The show was created by Fold Oslo – a collective made up of designers Vilde Hagelund, Anna Maria Øfstedal Eng, Kathrine Hovind, Tobias Berg, Sovei Giaever and Poppy Lawman – and features works by all six members.

Unika Auction exhibition in the former Norwegian Bank headquarters in Oslo for Designers' Saturday
The auction will take place online.

They have also contributed a sling-back chair designed by HagelundA mobile window-ledge by Lawman Two pine side tables Hovind The dyes used are plant-based.

Some of the most striking pieces on display were Ida HagenThe multi-textural tapestries of and a pink version are rare. Bello! bench, designed by Lars Beller Fjetland Hydro Aluminium, a leading aluminium manufacturer.

Unika Auction prototypes by 30 Norwegian designers
Clockwise from top left: works by Rasmus Stride, Runa Klock, Oslo Aula, Anna Maria Øfstedal Eng, Kim Thomé, Lars Tornøe and Are Mokkelbost

Hand-crafted furniture featured prominently, with designs including the tubular aluminium Alphonse Chair by HLÍN Studio, the curved plywood Trappestige chair by Sander Kommedahl A hand-painted bench created by Tale Berger Hølmebakk.

It is also possible to be more experimental. Edvin Klasson Rasmus Stide showed a collection 3D printed vases.

Edvin Klasson created a partition screen out of an old car door
Edvin Klasson fashioned a partition out of a car door

Serendipity Mirrors and other wood sculptures were created by many designers. Hunting & Narud, the playful Voilá bowls by Kim Thomé Nadine Schaub’s delicate Tension sculptures are a must-see.

Lighting was also well-represented with highlights that included a chained ceiling lamp from Jonas Stokke An adjustable paper reflector made by Jenkins & Uhnger.

The other participating designers were Lars Tornøe, Runa Klock, Live Berg, Oslo Aula, Francesca Giulia Poli, Hanne Kvig, Fredrik Bull, Andreas Bergsaker, Are Mokkelbost, Taran Neckelmann and Frost Produkt.

Unika Auction prototypes by Norwegian designers for Designers' Saturday
Clockwise from top left: Svai by Vilde Hagelund, Variable by Jenkins & Uhnger and Bertil Vase by Fredrik Bull

Unika’s auction, which was first held as part Oslo’s Designers Saturday biennale.

The goal of the exhibition was to allow design lovers and collectors to own unique pieces created by some Norway’s most prominent designers.

A rare pink version of the Bello! bench, designed by Lars Beller Fjetland for aluminium producer Hydro, and the playful Voilá bowls by Kim Thomé
Lars Beller Fjetland revealed a rare version of the Bello! bench

This year’s focus, in contrast to previous editions was on the latest designs.

Vilde Hagelund, Fold Oslo’s project leader, said that the creatives were selected based on previous work. We gave them total artistic freedom.

Ida Hagen's multi-textural tapestries and plates by Live Berg
Live Berg’s Gezzo plate and Ida Hagen’s tapestries with multiple textures are also on display.

It has been an incredible experience to watch them go through this process, she said.

“Most of the participants have designed a completely new product just for this auction. Some have also transformed and developed existing products in a unique way. The result is a collection that captures the current state in Norwegian design.”

Unika Auction will be on display from 8-10 September 2023 as part of Designers’ SaturdayThe online auction will continue until the 24th September. See Dezeen Events Guide See more architecture and design exhibitions around the globe.

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