Trust the Mask (aka Elisa Dal Bianco (and Vittoria Cavadon) return with their third exciting and vibrant single. ‘Our Fault’ is the fluorescent new addition to the triple threat, completing the three headed musical, mythical creature they’ve brought to life so far. In 2023 the Italian based electronic experimental super duo, who wear masks, arrived in a massive, all-encompassing, and enigmatic whirlpool, which engulfed all who entered it. 

The electronic elements appear larger than life as steady drum patterns seamlessly compliment their ethereal vocals – the entire song feels like a trip to space.

Exuberant, effervescent and overflowing with gloriously undulating neon synth’s, this third track compliments both the Alt pop with a distinctive galactic sound ‘Will you come?’ The glitch-infused, futuristic Cyber-Pop single ‘Otaku’.

‘Our Fault’ The song is a letter to Mother Earth in which they apologize for the harm caused by humans, while also acknowledging the importance of the climate change movement. The song comes from the band’s upcoming debut album Idiom It is a journey of ethereal exploration in search of a universal language.

Another deep dive into the unique and utterly exquisite exploration they have made of electronic synthesizers, they show an innate ability of blending cyber, glitch and wave styles to create a new plane. Alternative, yet flecked with pop and dance music sensibilities, each track is a living, breathing piece of sonic art, hanging suspended in Trust the Mask’s orbit.

This is a highly anticipated and exciting new full-album project. Idiom This is an effort to communicate across generations, classes, and personalities. Discussions on what new generations may be experiencing right now, and how the future could look; without effort and free of territorial and ideological borders. Each piece gives a snapshot of places and cultures that seem distant and unfamiliar.

“Trust the Mask are seeking connection. Connecting to the world in an increasingly fractured environment. ‘Our Fault’ is a letter of apology to Mother Earth. During the lockdown it was clear that Nature had a message for us after centuries of abuse. This song started with an accordion vintage, and then added analog synths, virtual pipes organs, and layers of choral sample. It is again Vittoria’s amazing voice that guides the narrative as a conscience that reminds us of all the mistakes humanity has made.” –  TRUST THE MASK

This duo’s music and imagery are infused with symbolism and expression. They work together to create a connection between artist and audience that is rare and captivating.

Trust the Mask is a masterpiece of experimentation, chaos and avant-garde. Bold, unconventional, and completely otherworldly Idiom The music is sure to awaken the senses and ignite the imagination at an astral level.

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