God Help – This is Travis Barker’s daughter.


These days, it seems like everyone wants to become a rapper. Travis Barker is one of the most famous, storied rock ‘n’ roll icons of our time. He’s always been cool and he’s never been a sucker. Some people might be surprised that he has an rapping daughter.

Now, that’s a shocker to me because I would think that she would prefer to go another route, especially with the limitations Hip-Hop can place on one of these days. But now she looks like she’s coming off like one of the girls. She looks like she’s trying to sing a duet with Megan Thee Stallion.

The other thing is we have seen time and time again we’re a young white rapper turns into a whole rock star later in life, using our culture to propel himself to that other stratosphere. We have seen this with Kid Rock. Post Malone, aka White Iverson, has also done this. And we’ve even seen it withMGK who still does dabble in Hip-Hop When he feels like it. At any rate, I’m just giving you the 411. We’re willing to give the Beastie Boys some credit because they were super cool in terms of culture, and as rockers. Also, they didn’t pretend to be hippity hoppy people. From the beginning, they were punks who were in a rap-like style.

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Why am I getting a headache? Chet Haze vibes. But Chet’s mom, Rita Wilson It’s super cool. Irony.

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