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It It is not clear how to do this. Tory Lanez He will be forced to serve his jail term without his girlfriend. His After one year of marriage, the wife filed for divorce.

As reported By: Page Six, The rapper’s other half served him papers. According The publication of documentation, Raina Chassagne Last week, I filed a petition to legally separate myself from the “Traphouse” The performer claims that they cannot reconcile their differences. They ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? June This couple won’t be celebrating their first wedding anniversary until 2023. AdditionallyShe never changed the last name she was born with Peterson, Tory’s real last name. The Two share a son aged 7 years. Kai. While It seems they have remained friendly throughout the process, even though they appear to be heading towards a separation. Raina Has continued to bring Kai Visit him in prison with her.

On Dec. 23, 2022 Tory Lanez Three felonies were brought against him in relation to that evening Megan Thee Stallion The shot was fired. Last AugustHe was sentenced 10 years in jail. He The current time he is serving at North Kern State Prison The following are some examples of how to use Delano, California.

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