His popularity continues to grow ‘O’ watch series, Japanese designer Tokujin Yoshioka A new design has been created timepiece For Issey Miyake WATCH, dubbed ‘O-Bold’. The model will be made public via Seiko on April 21st 2023. Salone del Mobile 2023.


The ‘O’ collection was first released in 2011 following a unique ‘shape of water—transparent time’ concept. Its one-letter name nods to the French word for water (eau), while its transparent design alludes to the liquid’s natural consistency. ‘The ‘O’ series has no concrete ‘shape,’ like water, and radiates the brilliance of the moment, silently marking the passage of time as if it were encapsulated inside. Since its launch, the ‘O’ series has constantly evolved into a variety of colors and variations,’ The brand wrote the following. 

All images courtesy Issey Myake WATCH



Design upgrades by Tokujin Yashioka 


With ‘Bold & Fit’ set as the keywords for the new ISSEY MIYAKE WATCH model Tokujin Yamaoka (see More) here), a few simple but interesting design upgrades distinguishes ‘O’ from ‘O-Bold’. To start, Yoshiooka widened the bangle to emphasize the watch’s transparent aesthetic, while the diameter around the wrist has shrunk, creating a form suitable for those with thinner arms. Ultimately, ‘It is lightweight and so comfortable, you might not even notice it.,’ Issey Myake adds WATCH

tokujin yoshioka introduces bolder aesthetic to issey miyake 'O' watch series
‘O-Bold’ expands on Tokujin Yoshioka’s original, water-inspired series dubbed ‘O’

tokujin yoshioka introduces bolder aesthetic to issey miyake 'O' watch series
‘Bold & Fit’ as the new keywords for this latest Issey Miyake WATCH piece

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