Deion Sanders is the talk of sports. Colorado has raced out to a surprising 2–0 start with wins over TCU and Nebraska in the Pro Football Hall of Famer’s first year on the job. Coach Prime’s charismatic personality and ability to produce soundbites is what makes him the most popular person in any situation he enters.

Even he was taken aback by The Rock’s appearance on Saturday. 

Dwyane “The Rock” Johnson was in Boulder ahead of the rivalry matchup between Colorado and Colorado State to be the celebrity guest picker on ESPN’s College GameDay. Though the bulk of his picks segment came later in the show, the wrestling icon broke out a surprise WWE-style entrance—complete with his theme music—earlier in the morning to join Sanders on set. 

Coach Prime felt obliged to bow before The Rock and he shared an embrace.

After his first surprise WWE Smackdown appearance in four years on Friday, The Rock continues to wow audiences wherever he is. With him and Coach Prime both on the same set, it’s safe to say that Boulder is the place to be on Saturday.

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