Hypebeast caught up to Hypebeast at the beginning of the NBA season Boston Celtics’ point guard and Tres Generaciones Ambassador for Tequila Brand Marcus Smart, as part of “The Formula” series. The three-part series explored Smart’s formula: perseverance, creativity and purpose – and how he has channeled these ingredients throughout his life to overcome obstacles.

One obstacle stands out in particular, the return to the court Smart and his Celtics had to face in 2022 after they lost to the Golden State Warriors in Game 6. This was the kind of loss that can cause havoc for both franchises and players. Working with Smart on “The Formula” series campaign, it was clear that wouldn’t be the case for the Celtics this year.

Smart, who was no stranger at being knocked to the ground after losing his brother and mother both to cancer, was focused. Last year, he proclaimed his mindset heading into the season was simple: “Control what you can control. We can control how we arrive at work every day, how well we prepare and how prepared we are. We can’t look back to the past. It’s not gonna change anything and it’s not gonna help us. We just have to keep pushing forward.”

It’s exactly this drive to keep pushing forward that led Smart to partner with Tres Generaciones Tequila, a brand born in 1973 from three generations of master distillers, who rose to build one of the great houses of tequila. The brand’s current campaign champions other ‘get up’ stories that share similar parallels with its founding dons. Smart and the Celtic’s ‘get up’ attitude registered immediately, with the team capitalizing on a hot start to enter the All-Star break as the top team in the NBA.

The road back to the NBA Finals was never a given – and both Smart and the team have faced their fair share of obstacles. Smart’s biggest setback came as the Celtics faced off against the Toronto Raptors on Saturday, January 21. Smart, who was leading 34-12 with ten seconds remaining in the first period, sustained a noncontact right ankle injury. This was later diagnosed as an ankle sprain and he missed 11 games. The team, missing Smart’s aggressive defense and creative playmaking ability, lost 5 games with Smart relegated to the bench.

Despite the circumstances, Smart ‘controlled the controllables’ and doubled down on a recovery regimen to rehabilitate his ankle and a series of postseason injuries that impacted him during the 2021-2022 season. His determination and grit paid off as he returned to the court on Wednesday, February 15, against the Detroit Pistons, helping propel the Celtic’s to a sweeping 127-109 victory.

Smart and the Celtic’s, both back at full strength, are poised for another deep playoff run. They carry the same strong perseverance mindset that helped them turn the page on the NBA Finals defeat and continue to push through the noise this offseason. It’s this ‘never quit’ attitude which makes them a fearsome opponent in any playoff series.

And it’s an attitude with clear parallels to the ‘always get up’ ethos of Tres Generaciones Tequila. As quoted by Smart: “Fail Twice, Get Up Tres.”

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