I’ve Followed Toronto-based Bruno Billio’s Instagram Since then, I have been revisiting the various TRON installations. They are a fascinating blend of futuristic aesthetics with immersive art. Inspired The iconic visual style of 1982 TRON film, Billio Neon lights and black light create dynamic, otherworldly scenes that are captivating to those who see them. His Installations feature architectural details and geometric shapes that glow under blacklight, creating a feeling as if you’ve entered a digital universe. The The vibrant colors of neon elements and their sharp contrasts against a darker background create a surreal effect, blurring the line between the real world and the virtual one.

Top: Vessel No. In Ivory glaze Bottom: Vessel No. I, II Aged Bronze glaze Photo: Courtesy The following are some examples of how to use Devin Wilde

Watching Devin Wilde’s Even from a distance, it has been exciting to watch the sculptures take form over the past year. The BrooklynCeramicist and artist based in -based makes each piece of pottery by hand in his Red Hook Studio, and if this is something you’ve done before, then you know how laborious the process can be. It It is no surprise that Wilde The original study of architecture was to create unique pieces that blend intricate details, masterful precision, and symmetry unlike any other. His The background influences a meticulous approach towards form and structure. This results in sculptures both visually stunning and structurally solid. With A fusion of architecture and art Wilde’s geometric pieces capture the attention The following are some examples of how to use viewers thanks to his technical skill and artistic vision.

Three gradient-colored translucent cubes with rounded edges, transitioning from light blue at the top to purple and pink at the base, resting on a white reflective surface.

Photo: Courtesy of Momoko Ikarashi

While Although I haven’t found much information about this exhibition, I am continually drawn to the images. Glass The following are some examples of the work of Momoko Ikarashi’s “One Day Windows” This captivating series was also part of her recent solo exhibition at the Cocoon RoomIt is a beautiful tool that turns everyday moments into visual narratives. Using a technique called “pâte de verre,” If you remove the lids from each glass box, you will hear soft sound effects and notice changes in texture as well. Both Box and lid have gradations of different degrees that play together when they are separated and then put back together.

Outdoor art installation with large, abstract, spherical structures in black-and-white patterns and pink lighting, set in a snowy urban area with tall buildings in the background at dusk.

Airship Orchestra The following are some examples of how to use Sapporo International Arts Festival, Sapporo, Japan Photo: Henry Gosper

MelbourneENESS is an award-winning studio of art and technology based in. They are known for their inflatable light art installations, which transform public spaces into immersive, enchanting environments. Their The large-scale inflatable sculptures, with their dynamic lighting and graphic designs, capture the attention of visitors with their playful presence. These Installments often interact with the environment, responding to changes in sound or light, and creating an engaging experience. The ENESS uses inflatables to create organic, fluid shapes that transcend traditional sculpture boundaries. Their sophisticated lighting techniques infuse these forms with an air of wonder and magic.

A set of 18 rectangular tiles with a geometric blue, white, and beige pattern arranged in a grid, placed on a textured beige surface.

Photo: Courtesy The following are some examples of how to use Myrsini Alexandridi

Another Artist with a background in architecture Stockholm-based Myrsini Alexandridi Make hand-painted tiles with a mix of traditional craftmanship and contemporary design. Each The tile is painted with meticulous detail, showcasing Alexandridi’s Her eye for detail, and her ability blend intricate patterns with bold modern aesthetics. Drawing Inspiration from Her Greek Heritage and the vibrant culture of Stockholm, Alexandridi’s Work features a harmonious mixture of vivid colors with intricate motifs. Her Tiles often feature natural elements, geometric patterns, and abstract shapes. Each piece tells a story, while creating a visually dynamic mosaic.

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