Sony The World Photography Organisation It has announced the winners of its 2023 World Photography Awards. The program began 16 years ago as a way to celebrate photographers of all statures — from the youth level to seasoned professionals. Sony digital imaging equipment will be awarded to the winners, who will receive $25,000 USD.

Nearly half a million images were entered in this year’s competition, ranging portraiture, landscape, sport, nature and wildlife, as well as still-life, travel, street photography and more. “If pictures act as role models, we, photographers, also shape the view of people with our publications. Through my pictures, I want to show dignity, diversity, perfection and also (supposedly) imperfection in people,” said Astrid Susanna Schulz, who previously In 2021, the award was won.

See a selection of 2023 winners and shortlisted photographers in the gallery. For more information on the competition and how you can enter, please visit the World Photography Organisation’s website.

Elsewhere, KAWS returns to Paris in new solo exhibition at Skarstedt Gallery.

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