A small change in perspective can have a huge impact on the real estate sales market. Most people who are looking for spruce-ups and fixes aren’t looking to put thousands of additional dollars into updating their homes, but rather want some relatively quick, relatively inexpensive projects that will help the home show well and sell fast

Your real estate agent can provide you with the best ideas to improve your home. However, in general, these projects will help to make your home more attractive to potential buyers.  

Change lighting and change the whole energy of a space

If you stage your room with modern furniture, the old chandeliers or light fixtures will stand out. modern looks and furniture. Select a minimalistic, modern style and strategically select light bulbs to give your room a great look. Some homes look great with a yellow-white glow, while others use enough whites and neutrals that they appear particularly well under bright white lighting. 

If you’re not sure what kinds of lighting would provide the most dramatic glow-up for your property, start by looking at other homes recently sold in your San Francisco neighborhood. You should note the lighting of each listing picture and make a mental note about your own reactions: Does it look outdated, or does it blend in with the current looks that sold the homes?

Rearrange Furniture Strategically after removing some furniture

You may get a custom staging plan from the professional you hired. real estate Agent, you can begin by noticing the rooms that have too much furniture and moving it into storage. Many of us accidentally accumulate some eclectic pieces that, when viewed by outside eyes, just don’t quite match. By spreading the furniture out in the room and only keeping a few pieces that really match, you convey a positive about the size of the rooms while also avoiding a scattered, garage-sale style that can distract from the best of the room’s features.

Unsure how to remove or rearrange furniture? Consider reducing the amount of seats around the table and removing a side table or two. living room, and moving a dresser to storage for the duration of your home’s staging process. 

Replace window treatments to bring a room together

It’s amazing how much dust can gather in certain older styles of drapes and window treatments. Even though some styles look good for a long period of time, other styles start looking outdated after just a few decades. An inexpensive way to adjust your room’s look is to use the color that will most match or accent the rest of the room and update the window treatments. The right window treatments will have a positive impact on the room. They can reduce traffic noise and keep it cooler or warmer. 

Check out photos of recently updated homes or photos of well-designed homes to get ideas for curtains that will complement the rest of your room.

Update Kitchen Hardware and Faucets

If you don’t have the time or inclination to do a full kitchen remodel, updating the hardware and faucets doesn’t take very long and has the added benefit of being quite inexpensive compared to bigger processes. Many older finishes have lost their appeal. A good real estate agent can show you how an unupdated kitchen will look more modern if the drawer handles and pulls are updated. 

Of course, you can also opt for other in-between updates to the kitchen: repainting the cabinets is a DIY project that, while work intensive, doesn’t cost much and if you pick a popular type of paint and kitchen color, can really add wow factor. It’s also possible to upgrade one or more appliances that are older or have a clash with the rest of your appliances. A great real estate agent We will suggest the best places in your home to focus on.  

The important factor to consider is how your spruce-up impacts your wallet, your time, and the rest of the home – you don’t want an update that accentuates that which isn’t updated, but rather one that makes everything look better and more harmonious. If you are able to achieve this ideal, then you can have a significant impact on your home with very little effort and money. 

Image source: blakelyinteriordesign.com

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