Irish designer Simone Rocha This is a staple on the London Fashion Week Romantic collections that ooze darkness are on the schedule and they will steal your heart, eyes, souls, and even your schedule. For Fall/Winter 2023, Rocha built her own sinister doll house inside London’s Methodist Central Hall and took a trip to the English National Ballet for Spring/Summer 2024.

The unexpectedly small venue was painted with dark shades, and a white structure integrated female figures in the middle of the room. The air was filled with low-toned instrumentals in homage to the historical ballet school. High-pitched vocals were also used, which enchanted the senses and created a dramatic atmosphere. The collection was an expression of love and balance tension with liberation using theatrical themes.

First look in delicate pink. The nylon two piece featured roses in twisted form at the chest, while ribbons of coordinating color dangled from the floor. Translucent versions had real flowers stuck in them, and then transitioned onto tracksuits that were slouchy-fitted with pockets. Exaggerated ribbons were tied to formal shirting and over-the-knee dresses with a celebratory feel, followed by the designer’s pearl-embellished suiting and lace-trimmed motorcycle jackets.

Simone Rocha has released her first collaborative work with Crocs The runway was adorned with rhinestones, pearls and sports silhouettes perforated in this way.

Take a closer look at Simone Rocha’s SS24 collection in the gallery above, and stay tuned for more London Fashion Week content on Hypebeast.

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