Shy Glizzy, née Marquis Amonte King, was arrested on Saturday, May 13, after pulling a gun on his girlfriend. According to TMZ, The following are some of the ways to get in touch with us. Lil Uzi Vert collaborator He allegedly got into a fight with her, leading him to brandish the weapon and threaten her.

The “How I’m Coming” rapper reportedly fled after the dispute, which happened at 9 A.M., but was finally tracked down by police and arrested hours later, at 6 P.M. He spent four-hours behind bars, and was charged with felony criminal threat. Later, he was released after posting a bond of $50,000. Sources said TMZ that cops didn’t find a gun on him when he was arrested and that he denied making threats.

Glizzy’s imprint is called Glizzygang 300 Atlantic. He is signed to 300 Entertainment. Rappers Young Thug, Gunna and YSL were arrested in connection with gang activity. 300 Entertainment launched a petition on calling for the protection of Black art and laws to codify rappers’ freedom of expression.

300 Entertainment also includes sued by Megan Thee Stallion They claimed that You Hotties Will Love This! was a mixtape and not an album and therefore didn’t fulfill their contract. The label then countersued.

Warner Music has some artists on this site. Uproxx, a Warner Music Group subsidiary, is a separate entity.

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