Napo Wildlife Center Tower stands in Amazonian Ecuador


Caá Porá Arquitectura and Siete 86 Arquitectos construct the Napo Wildlife Center Tower as part of a broader growth plan for the center dedicated to the Kichwa Añangu community in Amazonian Ecuador. Located in Yasuní National Park, the project is centered around ecotourism providing economic income and combining modernity with ancestral traditions and the unique biodiversity of the region.


The Napo Wildlife Center is an internationally recognized lodge in the Amazonian continental region. Its surpluses from tourism operations are used to fund educational, productive and social projects, as well as cultural, organizational and conservation initiatives in the local community. The Añangu community maintains an entrepreneurial vision to continue growing both economically, through tourism, and in the development of education plans and the construction of modern and environmentally responsible infrastructure. The Napo Wildlife Center Tower concept addresses the need for a new eating facility and an elevated observatory that can be used even in bad weather.

all images by Gabriel Moyer-Perez – Jose Luis Machado



This structure uses local wood and recycled oil drill pipes


Design was informed by the fact that the lodge is located on a small area of solid soil within a swamp. Other factors included the seismic activity, the soil liquefaction as well as high-velocity, strong winds. The 30-meter-high lookout includes a dining area and a culture center. It was designed through participatory workshops with members of the local community.


The river can be used to transport materials and overcome other construction challenges. the design team The project proposes a new form of construction that is based on syncretism – combining the traditional knowledge and methods of the community with modern materials. The tower is a seven-story structure with over 1,200 sqm. It’s made of a mix of wood from the local area and oil drilling pipes recycled. Composite columns reduce material consumption, making this the tallest wood tower in Ecuadorian Amazon. The recycled drilling pipe is earthquake resistant and adapts well to strong wind. Roofs made of traditional royal palm and toquilla weaves with a life expectancy of 20 years. On each level, the tower offers panoramic landscape views.

seven straw and palm weaved roofs compose napo wildlife center tower in ecuador
the Napo Wildlife Tower is part of a broader growth plan of the center dedicated to Kichwa Añangu community

seven straw and palm weaved roofs compose napo wildlife center tower in ecuador
The project is centered on ecotourism, and combines modernity with the ancestral traditions of the area

seven straw and palm weaved roofs compose napo wildlife center tower in ecuador
The project forms the tallest wooden lookout in the Ecuadorian Amazon, a 30 meter high tower.

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