Many months have been spent hyping the 2023 NBA Draft Lottery as being one of the most important in years. Victor Wembanyama – a French 19-year-old forward/center – is the reason. Wembanyama, the most-anticipated NBA Prospect since LeBron, could become the NBA’s next generational superstar. His 7″5 frame, 8-foot wingspan, and ability to shoot off the dribble and hit step-back threes is a lethal combination.

Wembanyama began playing professionally in France in 2019. In 2023, he will be able to declare for NBA draft. It’s a moment that Wembanyama has spent a decade preparing for, ever since his days playing youth-league ball in Paris’ 15th Arrondissement. On May 16, an NBA team finally got their next star.

Spurs Win First Draft Lottery since 1997

Three teams had the best odds of winning the top overall pick in the draft lottery. The Pistons had the worst NBA record this season and were hoping to earn the second #1 draft pick in three years, as well as the first one in 2021. It was a historic moment, however, for the two other teams who had the best odds. The Rockets last had the top overall pick in 2002, when they chose Yao Ming. As for the Spurs, they hadn’t picked first overall since taking Tim Duncan in 1997.

Two of the three teams were left in tears as the night went on. The Pistons were called at #5, marking the fifth consecutive that that worst team in the NBA didn’t get the first-overall pick. Rockets was the next team to be selected, at #4. By the time Commissioner Adam Silver When the Hornets, and Spurs were the only two teams left at the #2 selection. As the envelope revealed Charlotte’s logo, Spurs owner Peter J. Holt could be seen pounding the top of his podium in joy. Holt said that he was still happy with the lottery result in a press conference. “I’m a believer that good things happen to great people,” Holt said. “We’re surrounded by amazing people that try to be of service and help others and build things that are great. So you’re going to attract some amazing things. That’s what happened tonight.”

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