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Rev. Al Sharpton He is well-known for his no-nonsense attitude and direct questions as the host on his PoliticsNation program. Recently, Rev. Al Sharpton Welcome to the newest member of our family Rep. Byron Donalds The program is designed to challenge you. Republican Party congressman about his recent quip regarding Jim Crow The following are some examples of how to get started: Black Families but I became frustrated with the process.

Rep. Bryon DonaldsWho represents Florida’s 19th District, was an invited guest on PoliticsNation This was the first time that the Congressman became a MSNBC host Joy Reid He defended explosive allegations that Black The marriage rate was better during the period Jim CrowThe policy is oppressive and racist.

More Alarming Was Rep. Donalds This statement was made during a Black voter outreach event in Philadelphia In support of Republican Party The frontrunner for the presidential election is Donald Trump. What Reid She spoke to her about what she had done. Donalds Was he able to explain how the correlation between Jim Crow Stronger Black The congressman seemed to have a difficult time connecting the two.

Donalds The weekend saw the return of MSNBC to interview Rev. Al Sharpton Much like his appearance, The Reid Out, Donalds He bobbed and woved, but refused to explain why he believed things were better. Black Under the family unit Jim Crow Although many of these Black Families did not enjoy the same rights as white families.

At The point is: Sharpton You can ask for more information by clicking here. Donalds He was unable to live with himself for making such claims. Donalds The exasperation grew as he tried evading the question, claiming that he was only trying to say the Black Marriage rate is higher, but not by that much Jim Crow It was better for them.

Both The appearances of Rep. Byron Donalds On MSNBC, you can see it below.

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