Remixing classics: Only Gray – Love On A Real Train (Tangerine Dream cover) #Synth #Synthwave #Electronic

Although this is a Cover, it fits in nicely with the Remixing Classics section. It’s a cover of a Tangerine Dream track Love On A Real Train Only Gray, a Colorado-based company.

Only Gray is from Denver. He cites the wonderful Lane8 as an influence and that’s apparent here since the synth cover comes with a deep house and progressive house spin that Lane8 fans would recognise.

Of the track Only Gray says “I can still picture my old VHS copy of Risky Business. The box had tape holding it together. The soundtrack was as good as the movie, or even better. This is my cover of the famous Tangerine Dream track, modernized with a progressive house feel.”

That this isn’t a faithful cover is what really lets it fly. The base is Tangerine Dream, but it’s been updated to a smooth progressive feel with real lushness. The beats don’t hit you they ripple around and between the synths. The pulsing bass is accompanied by a touch of reverb.

This isn’t a suburban bone shaker of a slam stock train this is top quality comfort on a late night Elizabeth line train.

By acidted on 16 May 2023.

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