Architecture studio Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter A set of three pastel-coloured chairs has been installed in a decrepit carpentry shop in Norway. townhouses named Sagene Wood Trade.

These compact, timber-filled townhouses in Oslo’s northern suburbs have three levels of living space.

The project occupies a very small area and is built on top of an old carpentry shop that was partly demolished because it was in a derelict state.

Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter has completed Sagene Wood Trade

Convert the remaining workshop space. Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter The space was divided into three homes by using concrete walls and a steel structure.

Quentin Desfarges, architect at Dezeen, said: “We had demolished everything inside because it wasn’t in good condition.”

We implemented a new structural design that includes exposed concrete walls between apartment blocks and steel for all the other parts of the building.

Pastel-coloured housing in Oslo
Three townhouses in the northern Oslo area.

These townhouses, painted in pastel shades like blue, pink, and green, are arranged side-by-side.

Three large rectangular window openings on each facade allow natural light to enter the homes at different levels, while the top-floor balconies are framed by a rectangular opening.

Exterior of Sagene Wood Trade by Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter 
Formerly a carpentry shop, the buildings are located there.

Reiulf RAMSTAD Arkitekter said that the colour scheme for the townhouses was based on the colour palette used in older brick buildings plastered with plaster.

Sagene Wood Trade has rooms on different levels. These include double-height areas and mezzanine floors. The bedrooms are located downstairs so that the living spaces can enjoy the views of the upper floors.

Pink townhouse in Oslo
The exterior of Sagene Wood Trade is pastel-coloured

Desfarges explained that the idea was to build three vertical homes, or townhouses. The bedrooms would be located in the basement, a compact and efficient solution for different family types.

The rooms can be rearranged according to people’s lifestyle.

The bedrooms downstairs feature exposed concrete walls and white painted accent walls, along with wooden floors that reflect the previous use of the site. The lower levels of houses were given smaller windows to create privacy.

Desfarges said that the neighbours in front of the south façade wanted the houses to have smaller windows on the first floor.

Interior image of Sagene Wood Trade by Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter 
Each home has three rectangular windows on its facade

This imposition led us to think it would be better to have the living room and kitchen on the upper floors, which offer better views, and also implement larger windows, higher up. Bedrooms, however, are located at the lower floors, where the windows get smaller as you descend,” said Desfarges.

Above the bedrooms is a large, open-plan living space with a mezzanine floor that connects to a semi outdoor balcony.

Photo of a kitchen by Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter 
Open-plan living spaces are common in all houses

The studio divided the space by using the stairs leading to the mezzanine. This included a dining room, living area, and kitchen.

A mezzanine suspended above the main living space gives the dining and kitchen areas double-height ceilings with sloping slopes. This creates a sense of openness in a compact layout.

Interior photo of a kitchen and dining room at Sagene Wood Trade by Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter 
A mezzanine looks out over the kitchen

Sagene Wood Trade has a wide range of interiors that feature warm oak furnishings, which contrast beautifully with the cool concrete walls and pastel hues on the exterior.

The studio stated that “internally, the extensive use of wood on the floor, staircase and kitchen speaks to the previous use of the property and stands in contrast to the bold, concrete walls.”

Photo of a bedroom with a concrete wall
Lower level bedrooms have a lot of space

Dezeen recently featured Norwegian homes that include a cross-shaped house on an island The following are some examples of how to get started: a weekend retreat with facades made from wooden offcuts.

The photographer is Ivar Kvaal.

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