Rayoe, a rising rapper from New York City, tells his story through hip-hop.

Rayoe, a West African rapper born in Ghana, found his passion for music at an early age. He was often between Ghana and New York and exposed to hip-hop in different cultural settings that later added to his credibility as a rapper. His rise to fame began with modest dreams. He put in the hard work independently to promote his music, and cultivate his fanbase. Rayoe was able to persevere in the face of extreme circumstances. Most people would have given up, but he fought to continue his career and navigate the streets.

His lifestyle eventually caught up with his when he found himself apprehended in a federal narcotics case. Even then, Rayoe didn’t throw in the towel, instead he fought for his innocence over the next year and would go on to be fully acquitted of all charges. The freedom of Rayoe was in his grasp, but there was one last hurdle. The prosecution tried to use the lyrics of the budding rapper as evidence to try and keep him in jail. Rayoe had been imprisoned in order to deport him when their plan again failed. But he stood his ground and beat each case.

He had an interesting story that was not made up like so many others in his industry. It was a chance to boost his career. Rayoe relocated to Los Angeles where he gave fans music inspired by everything he’s gone through as an immigrant fighting for freedom in America. The cold reality of America’s Land of The Free is his story. His witty bars and endless flows contrast the lazy mumble sound weighing upon hip hop’s crown. On June 3, his new single and visuals will be released.rdRayoe brings the heat.

“End Game” Audio & Video: https://song.link/Rayoe-End-Game

Instagram: @METARAYOE



YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/RAYOE

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