Puma takes a further step in the world hybrid fitness racing by signing Hunter McIntyre. Hunter McIntyre announced the news via Instagram last week.@huntthesheriffHe shared the news with his 109k Twitter followers.

Puma has been a sponsor and official outfitter of the hybrid fitness world for many years. HyroxMcIntyre has become the first individual athlete to receive sponsorship from an athletic footwear company.

Puma partners with McIntyre not only because he is one of the best-known hybrid athletes in the world, but he also has a long list of awards. Hunter “The Sheriff” McIntyre has won 3 of the 4 Hyrox World Championships and holds the world record time of 54:07 that he set in March of this year. Other notable accomplishments include 3 championships on famed wrestler Steve Austin’s reality series Broken Skull Challenge as well as the world record of the Murph Challenge at 34:13.

“For the past three years I’ve been racing and training in 
Puma shoes. Puma shoes. I won all world records for Hyrox while wearing Puma. I wear them not because I get paid to, I wear them because they are the best shoes for the job.” said McIntyre in his sponsorship announcement.

Hunter explained to Nice Kicks why he prefers the Puma Nitro.

“The shoe has everything that I need for the competition. Its lightweight, has a good heel counter, provides the right amount of cushioning, and has great forefoot traction.”

Hunter McIntyre explains why he races the Puma Nitro

Hyrox is a combination of 8 segments of 1km of running and 8 strength exercises. It requires a balance between the features. Strength exercises include Ski Erg, sled Push, sled Pull, burpee Broad Jumps, Rowing, Farmers Carry, Sandbag Lunges and Wall Balls.

Hunter announced that he’ll be competing this year in the Puma nitro 2 as he prepares to defend his title in the Hyrox world championships in Nice France in 2024.

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