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West African DJ & producer AMÉMÉ Continues his success streak with new song ‘Kaleta’He has released his own album. One Tribe Records

Afro House Mover ‘Kaleta’ The pulsing bass, spiritual chants and frenetic percussion create a carnival-like atmosphere. AMÉMÉ’s masterful production skills are in full flow as bursts of arpeggiated synth accelerate the track toward an electrifying climax. The song samples vocals by AMÉMÉ’s Mum which he recorded 8 years ago in NYC and revisited 5 years later when he moved to Berlin.

The track was named after a Benin holiday tradition where children dress in costumes and masks, and fill the street. “celebration with song and dance, embodying happiness, joy, family and community”, says AMÉMÉ. “It’s the perfect interpretation of what jungle tech is, with its rhythm and drum orientation, high energy, and a touch of synthesizers.” 

West African native AMÉMÉ channels his cultural roots and ancestry into everything he does. Born and raised in Benin, AMÉMÉ (Hubert Sodogandji) helms One Tribe, a global community and brand identity centered on unity and good vibes. His unwavering commitment and visionary abilities have been the catalyst for the rapid growth of One Tribe and his musical ventures.

AMÉMÉ has a busy year ahead with a number of bookings at some of the biggest and unique festivals including Envision Festival (Costa Rica), EDC Mexico (Mexico City, MX), CRSSD (San Diego, CA), SXM Festival (Saint-Martin), Tomorrowland (Belgium), Lightning In A Bottle (Central Valley, CA), OffSónar (Barcelona), Pal Norte (Monterrey Nuevo León, MX) and Sunwaves (Romania) is just one of many.

The success of his EP has been followed up Power, which established AMÉMÉ’s position at the forefront of the Afro House revolution, the West African continues to evolve his sound with his latest single. Sporting AMÉMÉ’s signature blend of rich eclectic grooves, tribal percussion, and spiritual vocals, “Kaleta” once again breathes new life into the genre.

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