No charges will be filed for the death of 350Heem, or the shooting of 48-year-old Regina Orr.

Lakeland Police has solved the crime, six weeks after a rising star was killed in a shooting outside the Jade Fox Lounge. The shooting victim will not face murder charges.

The rapper was at an album release party hosted by his brother, former NBA player Dwayne Bacon, on July 28.

Orr and 350Heem’s mom, Kennie Crawford, got into an argument “due to the defendant and victim Orr not paying to enter the Jade Fox lounge.” 

Orr and Jamilah Johnson, Orr’s daughter, left the party. They returned to it with a larger group. The party was nearly over, but they paid for entry.

At one point, according to authorities, Orr and Johnson approached Crawford, and then Orr punched her in the face, sparking a “large fight” that spilled out from the club to the parking lot.

Police say 350Heem  “raised a firearm and shot the 48-year-old female victim [Orr],” seconds prior to being shot by [Orr’s daughter] Jamilah Johnson, according to LKLD Now.

LPD officer Joshua Collins was in attendance at the altercation. He said that Johnson shot the Motown recording artists. LPD spokeswoman Stephanie Kerr stated that Johnson shot 350Heem two times with a stolen handgun. Based on the bullets fired in the incident, a.40 caliber Glock Model 27 handgun was determined.

The State Attorney’s Office  “did not support the criminal charge of homicide against Johnson,” as she was trying to defend her mom.

“He advised that she started shooting into the crowd. He said he got out of his car and chased the defendant. During the chase, he saw the defendant toss a gun towards the rear of the vehicle. He stated once the defendant discarded the firearm, she stopped and surrendered without further incident,” said an affidavit regarding the arrest.

The 9mm pistol used to shoot down the man has not been found. The weapon was taken from the vehicle that was at the scene. interviewed 350Heem after he was signed.


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