The pod Studio offers a portable and expandable living solution.


Podform introduces Pod Studio, the world’s smartest tiny home which transforms from 161 square feet to 464 square feet in under 15 minutes. The Pod Studio is expandable and portable, with smart technology and hydraulic legs. It can be operated off-grid or connected to the grid. This dynamic solution is suitable for work, relaxation or rental income. 


Pod Studio’s versatility allows it to accommodate different lifestyles and functions. The home can be rented out when not in use. This generates a steady income.

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podform’s hydraulic legs enable flexibility


Devising a modern space to facilitate dynamic and versatile living, the fully furnished Pod Studio’s hydraulic legs obviate the need for a foundation, allowing effortless loading and unloading. The home, which is a compact house, has solar panels, battery systems, and an integrated water and septic system. It provides a self-sufficient environment.


Additionally, Podform has integrated the home with technology-driven smart features — from climate control and security to lighting and appliances — each designed for seamless operation through an app. The app allows you to control the home from anywhere. This includes climate control, security and lighting. company’s The projection glass wall can turn a home into a scenic, immersive paradise with the push of a button.

pod studio the worlds smartest tiny home unveiled 3
Equipped with solar panels and smart technology, including hydraulic legs

pod studio the worlds smartest tiny home unveiled 2
A glass projection wall transforms an ordinary home into a beautiful scenic oasis

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Smart features integrated into the system



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name: Pod Studio
designer: Podform



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