Pharrell Williams’ JOOPITER K-Get has announced its latest project, a collaboration with an auction.Pop The star Jackson Wang. Jackson Wang Metamorphosis: Athlete – Musician – Designer The collection includes 29 pieces, which include everything from stage and costume pieces to a variety of other items. Wang’s Old fencing uniforms

During Fans and collectors have the rare chance to purchase costumes and accessories during the auction. Wang’s “Magic Man” tour, like custom Louis Vuitton Even his on-stage hearing monitors. Fencing Before he was a superstar, he worked as a worker. Olympic You can also bid on the trainee. “Team Wang” A velvet jacket or a diamond ring are examples of pieces. For The highest bidder will have the chance to experience the behind-the-scenes of the music video shooting.

I’m very grateful that I can share the highlights and important chapters of my first 30 years on earth — from sports to music to fashion,” The following are some of the ways to get in touch with each other Jackson Wang. “All of these items are very meaningful to me. They may appear to be very different, but they all represent the same mindset. To me, the only difference among these chapters of my life would be the skill sets, what remains the same is the emphasis on creation.”

For The lots will also include merchandise for those who don’t want to pay collectors prices: a limited edition tee-shirt, jacket, glove and keychain. The The gloves feature a JOOPITER multi-color logo, while the tees have a JOOPITER multi-color logo. Team Wang Inscribed on the side finger of the middle.

Metamorphosis JOOPITER is a successful example of a company that follows its success. Joyride Auction which featured a number of rare vintage models from luxury brands including Ferrari, Mercedes and BMW, and continues the house’s recent run of working with celebrities and influential fashion figures — both NIGO and Sarah Andelman Previous auctions have been a factor.

The Auction will run between 6/17 and 6/24. Estimated winning bids range from 600- $15,000. You You can see the entire collection at JOOPITER website.

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