Dezeen Showroom: British Furniture Manufacturer Allermuir Has released a stackable plywood London-based designers create a stool named Ooty SmithMatthias.

SmithMatthias The design of the Ooty The stool is designed to blend in seamlessly and subtly with a variety of interior settings.

Ooty has a triangular plywood seat.

The simplicity of its design, consisting of three legs with chamfered curved edges and a triangular seat with a curved edge, allowed it to be so versatile.

Due to its simple, lightweight design, the stool-chair can be easily stacked and placed in workplaces or commercial settings.

Photo of the wooden stool
The stool is stackable

Ooty, made of plywood in either clear-lacquered or six different washed tones is available.

The stool can also be ordered with a cushioned pad.

Product: Ooty
Brand: Allermuir
Contact: [email protected]

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