Over the last few years, Baroque has worked with their favorite artists to create customized portfolios that combine both their unique aesthetic and our archival creation. Today, we are honored to announce the newest artist collaboration portfolio with Shepard Fairey.

Shepard’s OBEY campaign, which began in 1989, has become a powerful subversive street-art movement that has gained power and meaning over the years. Shepard’s OBEY campaign, with its brilliantly bold logo and slogan (the OBEY icon face), has become a global giant in the realms of art and activism.

Baroque collaborated with Shepard, the OBEY team and Shepard to design a portfolio made of 100% archival materials that incorporates OBEY’s distinctive design sense as well as Shepard’s ubiquitous art icons. They offer collectors an elegant and safe way to store paper and print originals.

We are collectors and are excited about the collaboration between Baroque and Shepard & OBEY.

Each portfolio can hold up to eighty prints and includes 40 replacement sleeves. The front cover features the classic OBEY Giant embossed logo, while the back embosses the iconic OBEY words. Red trim completes the design and adds a contrasting accent.

Click here to order portfolios. here.

Preorders for the first batch will be shipped in September. To guarantee your place in this first batch of preorders, you must order by 5/31.

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