NLE ChoppaSl*t Me Out 2” AprilBut the Memphis rapper Tik continues to promote the aggressively and explicitly confident singleTok.

On Wednesday, July 10, NLE Choppa The song was used as the soundtrack to a TikToShowing him dancing along with the written message. “I got a crush on Billie Elish [sic].” NLE has posted another TikToThe k he is dancing to “Sl*t Me Out 2” Because he is so “boredddd” Before posting a picture of him flailing around like a child, he tried to stretch out his leg awkwardly and failed. “If I shoot my shot at Billie and it don’t work out,” TikToThe k-reads.

Tip No. The first would be to write. Billie Eilish’s NLE Choppa’s chances don’t seem promising. Regardless, nobody can blame NLE for crushing on Eilish. Even Finneas admitted to Billie on Hot One Versus, “You look good in the dumbest f*cking clothing.”

NLE Choppa Commenter asks: “What happened to Sophie Rain?” That TikTok displayed a message “Locked in with Sophie til I rest in peace” The soundtrack is provided by NLE “Stickin And Movin.”

In Late JuneNLE Choppa Influencer Sophie Rain Posting two TikToLip-syncing ks “Sl*t Me Out 2,” Since then, the videos have been viewed 27.2 million total times. (This The most popular post on 2024 ever.

Watch NLE Choppa’s TikToBelow is a list of ks.

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