The 2023 Nike World Basketball Festival is at Lincoln Center


New York CityThe epicenter of basketball‘s cultural legacy, played host to a spectacular celebration of the sport at the 2023 Nike World Basketball Festival This event, held at Lincoln Center over the weekend of 15-16 September, was a two-day art exhibition and tournament. Eighty high school basketballers, both boys and girls, from 23 different states and 3 countries competed. Meanwhile, one of the event’s standout contributions was a centrally-showcased sculpture oxidized steel Created by the renowned New York Sunshine artist, John Margaritis — winner You can also find out more about the following: THE DESIGN PRIZE 2021 in the category of ‘distribution.’


If running is the heart of Nike, then basketball has always been Nike’s soul,’ Scott Uzzell is Vice President and General Director of Nike North America.There’s no place like New York City to witness basketball’s deep connection to culture. As the global game grows, so does its influence..’Lincoln Center’s courtyard was transformed to host the tournament | images courtesy Nike



Beyond the Court


While the tournament is undoubtedly one of the highlights, it’s not the only thing that matters. 2023 Nike World Basketball Festival The event was more than slam dunkers and three-pointers. Nike partnered Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts for year-round accessibility to the arts for the local youth. This initiative included a substantial $2 million grant aimed at making the arts accessible to tens of thousands of young people across New York City’s five boroughs.


The festival culminated a series VS tourneys that took place in cities like Chicago and Los Angeles earlier in summer. But it was so much more than an exhibition of young talent. The event was an opportunity to celebrate the cultural impact that basketball continues to have on society. Livestream the entire tournament here!

nike basketball lincoln center‘Basketball Globe,’ a sculpture by John Margaritis of New York Sunshine is spotlighted at Lincoln Center



New York sunshine’s Steel Tribute to the sport


One of the festival’s central attractions was a central sculpture dubbed ‘Basketball Globe’ created by the talented artist John Margaritis of New York Sunshine His installation team. Margaritis’ sculpture takes shape with a radial formation composed of oxidized steel basketball backboards and nets. This installation is a testament of the lasting impact basketball has had on both art, and culture. Margaritis’ work not only celebrated the physicality of the sport but also encapsulated its emotional and cultural significance. The oxidized steel, with its weathered appearance, recalls the enduring spirit of the game and its impact on the city’s heritage.

nike basketball lincoln center
The Department of Nike Archives puts the past on show



The game is more than what happens in the court,’ David Hollander is a NYU professor, author and lecturer. Basketball is a fascinating window into the human condition. That is the source of its phenomenal power — its ubiquity, its influence and its peerless future.’


Mikal Bridges continues as a small forward for the Brooklyn Nets.New York City is a basketball city unlike any other. This amazing moment brings together new talent, icons of basketball and people who help to share the culture in the city. Only in New York. Basketball is the only reason.

nike basketball lincoln center
The event was a gathering of athletes, artists and community members who all shared a love of football.







pieces from the Nike archives are joined by a first look at Nike Basketball footwear launching this holiday season

Nike Basketball launches its first footwear this holiday season.

the retail pop-up featured limited-edition Air Force 1’s and apparel designed by local artists

the retail pop-up featured limited-edition Air Force 1’s and apparel designed by local artists

Information about the project:


event title: 2023 Nike World Basketball Festival

host: Nike | @nikenyc, @nikebasketball

Contributing Artist: John Margaritis / New York Sunshine | @newyorksunshine

location: Lincoln Center in New York, NY

dates: September 15-16th 2023

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