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Have you ever wondered what links Dada and TikTok together? Neville Brody knows. Your mind will expand as you listen to his thoughts.

As a designer with origins borne in industrial and avant-garde music, it’s no surprise that Neville likens graphic design to jazz: an complex environment of improvisation enabled by the mastery of techniques and tools. There’s also no better metaphor than jazz about our discussion of his latest monograph.

The conversation between Debbie Millman, Steven Heller and Neville spanned the topics of his 30 year gap since his last book to the importance of the work he has done. The Graphic Language Of Neville Brody (“NB3”), to the six-year process of curating the work that went into this book, to why the visuals occupy the pages the way they do.

Neville was candid about AI’s role in the design process and why we must work towards reclaiming open digital spaces. Also, we learned what Neville said during his tense yet clarifying interview with Steve Jobs.

Complex ideas don’t tend to have big audiences, but big ideas come from complex processes.

Neville Brody explains why complex models are needed

Be inspired, challenged and amazed by watching the complete interview here. If you haven’t yet purchased your copy of Neville’s incredible new book, The Graphic Language Of Neville Brody, buy it here.

The next PRINT Book club will feature a conversation between another design legend and ourselves. Stay tuned for more details!

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