Ukranian-born, London-based designer Natasha Zinko might have just stolen London Fashion Week on day one, welcoming guests into Central London’s Soho Square. The usual grassy area was replaced with tents pinned up in the wilderness.

Fittingly titled “THE CAMP,” Natasha Zinko opened its own gothic campsite for Spring/Summer 2024. The designer looked at the origins of mankind, and the survival techniques that led to the current state of humankind. Zinko examines the evolution of humanity in its rawest state, observing it progress into new stages regardless of circumstances.

“THE CAMP” is packed with darkened optimism, seeing models storm through the British park with fierce attitudes. The collection featured vicious campers ready for battle with their oversized backpacks and camping equipment strapped to them. Gothic soldiers were dressed in futuristic uniforms that packed a lot of utility. They wore puffed-up camouflage clothing and layered denim.

Housing tents were transformed into dresses with large hemlines by flipping inside-out cropped hoodies. Quadruple underwear cascaded to the ground with holes and all, while Zinko’s trademark buffed ensembles came in six-packed leather and denim trained to perfection.

Natasha Zinko speaks exclusively to Hypebeast regarding the collection.

“This collection is about “THE CAMP.” Literally about camping in the holiday sense but also in parallel to our lives and journeys in today’s world of climate crisis, politics, and the human condition. We live in constant turmoil. Over the last couple of years, I’ve asked myself these questions:

Where am i?
Where am i going?
Who are they?

Since the beginning of the conflict in Ukraine, 17,000,000 people have been forced to flee their homes. We grab the necessities and continue to move forward. Wars have been going on in the world for centuries. It is the first direct experience I’ve had. I have family still in Odessa. When I used to travel, I would carry multiple suitcases. Today, I simply throw everything in my carry-on bag and head out. My priorities have shifted. Human migration is an integral part of life. Our natural tendency is to incorporate sustainable living. Most of the fabrics used in my collection come from my own workshop, which has accumulated fabrics over the last eleven years. My collection and I are always upcycling and repurposing fabrics. I’m also launching a brand new collaboration with NewRock.

I love being part of London Fashion Week. The energy and the fearlessness. Central Saint Martins has awarded me an honors degree in Fine Jewellery. London has been home to me for 18 years. Betsy Johnson serves as my Creative Director. We’ve been working together for some time. We finish each other’s sentences. I love what we are doing.”

Take a closer look at Natasha Zinko’s SS24 collection in the gallery above, and stay tuned for more London Fashion Week content on Hypebeast.

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