Mowalola Officially returned to London Spring/Summer 2024. Mowalola Ogunlesi presented her latest collection while landing off-schedule at London City Airport. London Fashion Week buzz. The collection, titled “Crash,” was all about living life on the edge. She told Vogue backstage that the collection was inspired by her first-ever viewing of David Cronenberg’s 1995 erotic thriller film, Crash.

Ogunelsi’s fourth collection brought a bit of chaos to the runway that was shown to around 1,000 people. The designer said, “I was really excited by the fetishization of pain through crashing,” in regards to the theme of the season. She also added that it led her to imagine ““a whole universe that resides on the street.” The clothes were deliberately dirtied while Ogunelsi found a way to bring unconventional beauty to the collection. The makeup used on the models looked like extreme bruises or scars. It brought out the emotional intent of the collection. Obscene graphics inform the collection and the designer’s willingness to push boundaries. Micro skirts, midriff revealing pieces and dirty denim pieces with intentional explicit content adorned the runway. Double-sided looks, including Umbro bootlegs, were used to create a collection that was sure turn heads. The extreme contrasts, such as the EU skirt and Union Jack cap, also made for an eccentric appeal.

Even though there were many industry professionals who could not attend the event, the front row was filled with people from the industry. Ye Bianca Censori is his wife. Ogunlesi is a close friend of Ye’s, having worked for him during the 2017 lockdown on Yeezy Gap. She also worked with Censori during that period. Speaking on her relationship with the pair, she said about Ye, “I feel very grateful for him… with him there’s no start and finish, everything is a process: you develop and it reveals itself. And that’s how I work as well.” As for Censori, she praised, “Her energy is like a light. It’s pretty special to have around, because she’s incredibly smart.” Ye was dressed in all-black pieces and a balaclava that tightly wrapped his entire face while Censori contrasted his look in a white bodysuit. Ye may have also premiered new music at Mowalola’s runway show. Below is a video.

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