For Launch of new football range Mitre Enlists acclaimed British Photographer Ewen Spencer A new campaign will make its core products the main player.

The Short film and series of images accompanying the short. Spencer For the campaign, he will revert to his trademark nostalgia-driven storytelling and focus on the classic symbols of grassroots football. From A variety of shots highlight the long-standing association of the brand with UK culture. From waterlogged pitches to forgotten balls left on a rooftop, the images play on the brand’s long-standing association. footballThe word evokes fond memories in almost every person. Sunday You will know League Player.

Landing At the core of the campaign is the new range, which playsfully positions itself to show how Mitre We offer a wide range of customized services. Training, Match The following are some examples of how to get started: League Footballs for different situations on the pitch Captured In the middle of a fight with a dog, and on a muddy puddle the Ultimatch One The most durable product in the range. Made Use this link to learn more about Hyperseal The thermally bonded panel of the ball is no match for rainy weather on the pitch.

Built The specialized training equipment is designed for all-round use and includes the Impel Evo The interior is lined with soft foam and cushioned for a comfortable grip. Making The ball is seen in its natural habitat, in the trunk bag of a coach’s car. MeanwhileThe Official FIFA-Certified Delta Evo This picture shows the debossed version of the mug in action. Hyperflow Grooves for accuracy and stabilisation

Discover The new campaign by Ewen Spencer View the Gallery above.

To Head to the shop page for the full range. Mitre’s website now.

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