Michael Rainey Jr. Responds to inappropriately being groped by a live streamer Tylil James.

The “Power” Star issued a press release via Instagram writing, “at this point everyone has seen the video circulating online. I am still in shock and don’t full know how to process what happened last night. This is an unfortunate situation that I do not condone in any way.”

He continued: “I can’t take it lightly because I know I would be in serious trouble if the roles were reversed.”

“The fact is, sexual assault is never okay, regardless of gender or status. We’re all human, and we should respect each other. Most importantly, we should respect ourselves.”

The actor’s rep also confirmed this. “this situation is not being taken lightly. Sexual harassment and assault are serious and unacceptable acts. Taking advantage of someone’s celebrity in this manner devalues entertainers and underscores the need to respect their humanity. Those who entertain us are human beings just like everyone else.” 

We previously reported While being featured on popular streaming services Tylil James stream, Rainey Jr. Can be seen being “groped” By: Ty’s younger sister. “She never seen somebody that caliber so she start…. That’s my sister so I’m not gonna say nothing bad about her. I’m gonna just check her,” Tylil After the incident,

James After the incident, he apologized on behalf of his sister. “After the actions that occurred during my stream last night I would like to sincerely apologize to Michael and his family for what took place” Writers Ty In a public statement. My Little sister was totally wrong and out-of-line. What She did something very inappropriate and unacceptable. I am embarrassed and disgusted at her actions. I respect her decision. Michael Wants to go out in this situation?”

He continued: “After watching that clip, I was completely taken back by what she done. I will take extreme precautions with future streams to avoid similar issues and have her banned from participating in future streams. I do not condone any type of assault.”

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