The North Face It has launched its first jewelry collection with the jewelry brand of the same name Maria Black. Combining The North Face’s mountain heritage with Maria Black’s signature industrial look, the pieces feature contemporary details with hiking-inspired hardware.

The 50 sets of exclusive accessories include foxtail bracelets, matte TNF logos on foxtail necklaces, and Carabiner earrings.  The accessories can be worn separately or combined to create a larger piece.

“Made with responsibly sourced materials, each piece reflects our shared ethos, that style isn’t for the designer to dictate, but for the wearer to explore,” writes Maria Black. “Crafted for use in constantly shifting cityscapes, each is an invitation to uncover and rediscover.

View the North Face collection with Maria Black in greater detail. Exclusively available through a giveaway associated with The North Face UE Collection.

Also, Rhuigi Villaseñor exits Bally after just over one year.

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