Following on from the well-deserved success of his sophomore release ‘PTSD’, Rheez shows us that those broke times are definitely over via his explosive underground release designed to shred through the fake litter on the streets, ‘True Wounds‘.

Rheez Is a UK-raised, indie alt hip hop/grime artist based in Malta, a drummer, and a music producer. He creates meaningful anthems that can be learned from.

This song is my biography, a collection of the challenges and triumphs that I have faced in my life. Although it was difficult to discuss these topics in depth, I felt I would be depriving my listeners of the insight they need to be inspired. It’s a story of adversity, the ending, a message of never giving up.” ~ Rheez 

The full recovery of his health and all losses, Rheez He raps the facts to show us his amazing self-enlightened mindset that only improves.

True Wounds‘ from Paola, Malta-based, UK-raised indie alt-Hip hop/grime artist/music producer Rheez This is probably one of the more honest tracks you’ll hear in this year. The perspective of someone who has experienced so many tragic events makes you think his life would make a great movie. This release shows the artist’s impressive progress with top-notch lyrical abilities.

Enjoy this new quality track on Spotify See the journey continue Facebook.

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