LL COOL J The follow-up album to 2013’s Authentic Arriving this fall. The Def Jam Recordings The legend of the reveal is revealed in an Instagram The post was pinned to the page of his Facebook page Friday (June 7). The Lead single “Saturday Night Special,” Expected arrival June 14.

“In case you missed it, new single ‘Saturday Night Special’ is coming June 14,” He says in the video. “Go to link in the bio, sign up to pre-save it. Album coming in the fall. It’s the real deal, baby. It’s go time. ‘Saturday Night Special’ is the first single. I’ll let you know about the features in a couple of days … tracklisting for the album is coming. Album will be out in the fall. It’s on, baby. New LL. You know what it is. You know exactly what it is.”

LL COOL J’s The announcement prompted a flurry of comments, including from some of his colleagues. Fat JoeDJ COOL v, Z-Trip, Shortkut You can also read about the Goodie Mob’s KhujoAll of us are eager to hear some new music. Radio MC.


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In LL COOL J is also focused on his brand ROCK THE BELLS. Last He teamed up with Vikki Tobak For the Book LL COOL j Presents: The Streets Win,  A 336-page volume containing interviews and essays by Hip-Hop’s elite and images from some of the culture’s most celebrated photographers—from Grandmaster Flash, Kurtis BlowMC Sha-Rock, Chuck D and KRSOne You can also find out more about the following: Nas, Eminem The following are some examples of how to get started: Dr. Dre.

Having LL COOL J’s involvement in the project was a major asset. Tobak. He was able to connect her with people who they couldn’t have reached on their own—like Eminem The following are some examples of how to get started: Dr. Dre. Speaking You can also find out more about the following: You can also read about the advantages of usingHipHop in October 2023,  Tobak It was a true testament to who LL COOL J really is.

“People sometimes say don’t meet your heroes, but I think he’s an exception,” She said it at the time. “I only just met him recently, even though we’ve been in the same rooms and stuff for a long time. He, of course, was like a childhood hero of mine, and he’s just one of those really special people where you understand how he became the first artist signed to Def Jam at 16. I see what it was because it’s still there. It’s that thing you can’t quite put your finger on; you’re born with it. He is a performer and a big idea person in every way. He approached the book in the same way.”

LL COOL J has released his debut album. RadioIn 1985, the year of the. He’s Delivered 12 additional projects including Mama Said Knock You Out Double-Platinum (1990) was released.

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