Dezeen Showroom: steel This four-legged stool was constructed using both sheet and tubular steel. stool Created by Belgian design studio Vormen.

Designed The elegant and functional design of the Living Objects stool Features a thin sheet of steel seat that is welded to thicker tubular legs.

The Living Objects The seat of the stool is made from thin sheet steel

The The effect is striking, especially when the stools have been stacked to create a compact, but sculptural display.

Adding A slight curve in the seat design adds interest to this piece. Vormen Described as having “a sense of poetic allure” That hints that there is a seated individual while ensuring the best ergonomic support.

Living Objects stool by Vormen
The The stoo has an impressive appearance, especially when stacked.

The part that you want to buy Living Objects Collection, the stool can be ordered in three different colours, or with a zinc-coated finish.

This Each stool is unique because of the patina that’s created. They It can be used indoors or outdoors. A matching bench is also available in the catalogue.

Product details:

Product: Living Objects stool
Brand: Vormen
Contact: [email protected]

Material: Steel
Colours/finishes: Ivory, Pure White, Galvanized, Wine Red
Dimensions: 330 x 330 x 450 millimetres

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