This is really amazing. KitBash3D’s newly released Cargo allows creatives to have access to a library of professional resources previously used in blockbuster films from Warner Bros., Marvel as well Netflix, HBO and others. You can reuse models, materials and kits from games such as The Last of Us Part II.

KitBash3D has announced a partnership to bring its asset pack to Epic Games. The library contains more than 10,000 assets which can be imported to Unreal Engine 5, Blender Maya, and 3ds Max. Unreal Editor for Fortnite The FAB Marketplace is coming soon. The FAB marketplace is coming soon. Unreal Engine 5 review (See why this is so thrilling.)

KitBash3D has been used to create 3D assets for movies like Dr. Strange, Black Adam and Spider-Man along with TV shows such as The Last of Us Star Trek and Halo as well as popular video games like The Last of Us Part II NBA 2K and The Elder Scrolls. The ability to reuse these kits to create realistic or styled worlds and experiences is a major step in the emerging creator’s economy.

In a press statement Banks Boutté, Co-CEO of KitBash3D, said: “As we witness the rapid evolution of digital content creation, we believe it is crucial to equip artists with tools that keep pace with their creative ambitions. This requires eliminating technical barriers by providing creators with access to the fundamental 3D building blocks – models and materials – and ensuring that those assets work with any platform.”

Banks and KitBash3D’s Co-CEO Maxx Burman told me in an interview that they believe there is a bright future ahead for artists, game designers, worldbuilders and modelers to make and sell 3D contents.

Cargo is a part KitBash3D’s solution to enabling more people to get involved in world-building, game design and interacting online. KitBash3D wants to unlock creativity by allowing everyone to access the studio’s customisable assets and integrating them into leading 3D software such as Unreal Engine 5.

KitBash3D offers a full library of professional assets that you can use to create your own projects. (Image credit: KitBash3D)

“We believe that Cargo’s impact on the industry will be transformative, serving as a vital tool to help artists, developers and studios stay ahead of the curve and embrace the future of 3D,” said Maxx Burman, KitBash3D Co-CEO. “It solves major challenges in interoperability today, and lays a foundation for an open Metaverse tomorrow.”

Built on Pixar’s Universal Screen Description (USD), Cargo is designed to easily and quickly move data between different 3D software in real time. What’s not love about importing an asset with just a single click and using a professional model seen last in Dr Strange? Cargo may be a good option for you if you haven’t tried creating a scene, 3D world or videogame.  

It’s great that there is a Cargo Basic option for those who want to be creative but not break the bank. The press release states that this model will include a ‘generous selection of free assets.’ The Cargo Pro subscription is for those who wish to take things a step further, with unlimited access to the full KitBash3D library from $65 a month. Try it out for yourself. visit the KitBash 3D Cargo website Opens in a new tab.

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