Kendrick Lamar’s Love for Compton, California The history of the term “short-term” has been well documented. His The hometown is often a central theme in songsMusic influences and creative collaborators. But Kendrick’s Support for his hometown extends beyond his professional pursuits.

Yesterday (June 7), Kendrick Dropped into Compton College’s Commencement of 2024 ceremony. In The institution has announced a “Not Like UsThe ” emcee will deliver the official commencement address.

During The address is Kendrick The mayor expressed his admiration for the graduates who were carrying on the torch in the city. Read “DNA.Below is the transcript of a rapper’s speech. FurtherYou can watch Compton College’s Full 2024 Commencement Ceremony Kendrick Lamar’s The remarks begin at 42:47 minutes.

I just wanted to show you how much I love and appreciate all of you. I’m The city of is proud of its citizens Compton, I’m Proud of you Compton CollegeMost importantly, I’m We are proud of our graduates. I have the skills. You You’ve probably experienced a lot, not just in your home, but also in your community. But the hardest thing is to get over yourself. We’re Still growing day by Day, Brick by Brick, we make sure that we develop not only physically but also spiritually. And Brick by brick, I believe in what we are doing. It’s time to change the narrative. Some Many people say that the current generation lacks what it takes. Gen Z. We All day long, you can talk about it. They Try to bring us down by saying we don’t understand what we are doing. They The wrong thought Because Not only do you have the ability, but you also have something more. You You must have the courage and the heart to be able to think for yourself. There’s There is nothing more valuable.

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