Heritage British Brands of high-end audio KEF Has announced its latest interactive space in central London, after teasing its launch last month. Opening tomorrow, June The new KEF Music Gallery London The brand claims that the sonic experience can only be experienced in person. “guests can discover the magic of great sound.”

Located Just off London’s The following are some examples of the use of Oxford StreetKEF Music Gallery London Two floors and 5,000 sq. feet of immersive and exploratory audio will be available. The Space will allow guests to experience KEF’s products in different settings. “experiential zones”The upcoming, will appeal to both film and music lovers, as well to those who work in multiple audiovisual fields.

Amongst These zones are The Gallery, located on the ground floor of the building, where you’ll find the cleverly named (and very punny) KEFé — the brand describes this as “London’s ultimate high-fidelity café” Enjoy a beer while listening to a variety of music. Come However, the evening is not without its own problems. The Gallery Will transform into a “space for immersive music events”KEF has promised to curate year-round programming that includes live music, film showings, discussions, special collaborations, etc. Another, The StudioIt is located in a quiet area near The GalleryA fully functional recording studio “with state-of-the-art acoustics” This will include a private listening room, a podcasting studio, and / or music recording equipment. KEF is yet to announce how or at what cost the space will be available. However, it’s awesome that this option even exists. London’s busiest shopping district.

Complimenting Three of the spaces mentioned above are immersion spaces. One Here are some examples. The HubIt is a collaborative space that includes a ceiling-mounted speaker system. This workspace can be used for workshops and to welcome visitors. KEF’s attention-to-detail in the design of its location is evident here. A 4-meter-long table (13ft) crafted from one piece of steel. Kentish oak — and designed by British fine furniture maker Sebastian Cox — is the centrepiece of the room. The Living Room You can also read about the Ultimate Experience Room The zones will be available to guests when the space opens on tomorrow.

KEF hopes its innovative new London Space will provide a refreshing change from the usual audio showrooms. To The audio brand has partnered up with renowned British Architectural and interior design firms Conran and Partners To create an “industrial yet refined” Light and dark oaks are used throughout to complement the stainless steel and concrete. The KEF Music Gallery London Joins the brand’s existing two pinnacle locations in Tokyo You can also find out more about the following: Hong KongKEF President, Grace LoIt is a statement that it is “our third and most ambitious flagship destination to date.”

Interested Check it out! The KEF Music Gallery London The address is 42-48 Great Portland Street Open to the public between June 8.

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