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Johnson & Johnson’s all-too-familiar script logo, once described by the pharma giant as “one of the longest-used company emblems in the world,” has been smoothed out. It’s not the baby lotion that was used.


The marks for overhaul a dramatic pivot in the company’s direction. The cursive wordmark, which has been used since 1887 and is based on James Wood Johnson’s handwritten signature, will be replaced. The revamp signifies Johnson & Johnson’s splitting into two companies. The first, retaining the J&J name, will focus on pharmaceuticals and medical devices; while the second will serve as an umbrella for consumer products, under the new name Kenvue.

The new Johnson & Johnson Logo retains its connection to its warmth and heritage while embracing a more contemporary twist. It also embodies healthcare innovation and inclusion in a way that is inclusive.


Johnson & Johnson’s logo, before (above) You can also find out more about the following: after (below). Images via 212566635 © Cristian Storto | and Johnson & Johnson


Made in one step pen stroke, each character exudes a sense of both “unexpectedness and humanity.” This logomark, now available in both long and short forms, includes a more personable ‘J&J’ variant that is particularly suited for the digital age.


Johnson & Johnson Red is the brand color of the company to signify its ability to quickly respond to urgent healthcare challenges. The shade was also given a new, vibrant look to show its willingness to adapt to the changing times.


The previous paragraphs are noteworthy. overlooked ampersand has emerged as arguably the most pronounced feature, growing to the same height as the two J’s. Reimagined to be more globally recognizable, the symbol speaks of the brand’s open and interconnected nature, and its instinct to foster connections through a caring, human touch.


Image via Johnson & Johnson


Beyond the Logo Johnson & Johnson’s new identity extends to its art direction. The company aims to inspire energy, optimism and inclusivity through illustrations, photography and other mediums. This unique approach in healthcare brand reflects the company’s commitment to a more optimistic and brighter future.


Image via Johnson & Johnson


Now, the The classics script logo will still be stamped across products from the likes of Band-Aid and Clean & Clear. However, Johnson & Johnson intends to phase it out completely to make way for its next well-defined chapter.




[via CNN and Associated Press, images via various sources]

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