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Imagine stumbling upon old photos of yourself, and you can’t help but laugh—or maybe even cringe—at what you once considered the height of fashion. Back Then, it seemed right. But today, it seems to be a relic of an era that is long gone. It’s We creatives know this feeling all too well, when we draw parallels between branding and personal style. After All branding stems from the concept of personality, identity or character.

No matter if you’re spicing up your personal brand, carving out your freelancer identity, or revamping the face of your studio or agency—the core tenets of brand development and refresh hold true across the board. This The article highlights key brand refresh strategies that can be used by those looking to revamp their public image. This is illustrated further through reflections of BB. Agency’s Recent brand refreshment and website redesign.

Know Your Reasoning The following are some examples of how to get started: Purpose

Pinpointing The rationale for your brand refreshment should be your starting point. This The process is made coherent and purposeful when the insight that you gain shapes all other aspects. In A well-thought out rationale gives life to your brand by aligning your updates with the narrative you are pursuing and your strategic goals.

Speaking Our recent experience with the BB brand refresh, was a move made to show our maturity and preparedness for deeper partnerships. Our Earlier branding, while functional, lacked a strong sense of purpose and felt a little unremarkable. It It was time to upgrade our logo, which just didn’t capture the essence of what we have become.

This Shift aims to position itself as a partner in digital transformation from start to finish, moving beyond a simple service provider into a strategic ally. With This renewed focus has led us to add more motion design into our offerings and redesign our website, which is now built on an upgraded WordPress platform. These The changes we have made reflect our commitment and ability to provide top quality products.

Visual Identity Changes

Refreshing Your visual identity can be a powerful tool to communicate your brand’s maturity, and new strategic direction. It’s It’s important to align your brand’s image with its current positioning as well as future ambitions. Modifying Brand perception can be greatly influenced by updating your visual identity, including the logo, color palette, and typography. Here’s how.

  • Logo evolution: As Even minor changes to your logo can have a significant impact on brand perception. An Updates to your logo can be a reflection of growth, a new direction or refined focus. Consider Your logo can be modernized with a few subtle changes, while still maintaining its brand recognition.
  • Color palette revision: Revise Your color scheme should align with the new positioning of your brand. Color Choose products that not only enhance brand recognition, but also communicate the emotions and values associated to your brand. The The updated palette should be flexible for different applications and maintain consistency across all brand touchpoints. Go Colors that are more expressive should be chosen.
  • Typography changes: Typography Can have a major impact on how your message is perceived. Choosing the right typeface can help convey your brand’s personality—whether it’s authoritative, playful, sophisticated, or [fill in the blank]! Except When considering aesthetics, also consider readability and accessibility. Your The fonts you choose should be easy to understand on different devices and sizes. Besides It’s best to keep the number of fonts to a minimum to maintain a consistent visual identity.

What We Did At BB

As We chose to keep the design of our logo the same, instead opting to continue to grow and maintain the brand legacy that has defined us since 2016. While We tackled various aspects of brand enhancement with varying degrees of intervention. However, we chose to maintain consistency in some key elements. This includes our logo. It remains the same as part of our brand evolution.

In We made subtle, but significant changes to our color palette. Realizing Our signature BB Dark Green Our approach changed when we realized that the work of our clients was overshadowed in our showcase. To We wanted to make sure our portfolio stood out, so we chose a background that was more subdued and pure. Black The following are some examples of how to get started: WhiteWith a few hints of colour here and there. The Our website was made more clear and flexible, and our marketing materials were given more flexibility.

As We kept the font. Lota Grotesque Font across our website, and in our communications. We will enhance our typography to meet our marketing needs. It The evolution of typography was not driven by the typeface itself but rather the way we used it. This The geometric sans-serif font is a friendly sans-serif font that supports 219 different languages. It fits our global agency profile. We’ve Adapting to the latest industry trends, we increased our website’s text size to 24pt from 20pt. This will improve readability and accessibility. The The shift to a black-and white color scheme will also improve the clarity of your typography. This will give you a more mature and flexible aesthetic.

Website Redesign Essentials

Redesigning your website is a great way to showcase the growth of your brand. It You should reflect your strategic development and improve user experience (UX) by incorporating contemporary UI design principles. Additionally, it offers a perfect opportunity to demonstrate your skills—emphasizing certain digital experiences, like motion and interactivity, to boost storytelling. Here’s How to deal with these important aspects.

  • UX Improvements: If If you are redesigning an old website, you already know who your audience is and what they like, dislike, or interact with. You also have a pretty good idea where they spend most of their time. Use Analyses, user feedbacks, and usability testing inform the redesign processIt will simplify navigation and ensure that the information architecture flows logically from section to section.
  • UI Enhancements: Your The UI of your website should reflect the updated identity of your brand, including its new logo, color palette, typography and other elements. Consistency These visual elements on all pages reinforce recognition. Rely Color, contrast, typeface, and spacing can be used to draw users’ focus to key elements and actions. A visual hierarchy that is clearly defined enhances user experience, and helps to increase conversions.
  • Motion The following are some examples of how to get started: Interactivity: Motion Design and interactive elements should be useful, but not distracting. Use Use animations to guide your users through your website, enhance your storytelling and engage your visitors. If If motion design is a part of what you offer, then integrating this into your website will act as a showcase for your portfolio. Consider Consider the performance implications of these elements and ensure that they are optimally integrated to allow for smooth loading.

What We Did At BB

We’ve We have redesigned our website for a better user experience. The navigation is now simple and connected, and we’ve simplified our blog taxonomy in order to increase readability and engagement. Highlighting our commitment to transparency, we’ve restructured our services into five core pillars—Research, BrandingUX Design, Interface Design. Development—offering a clearer view of our capabilities. We Also, we decided to introduce an “Achievements” This page will showcase our client testimonials, project results and successes. It will validate the effectiveness of our working methods and build trust among potential clients.

In In our UI redesign, we wanted to make a natural transition, so we refined the structure and made key changes. We Restructured pages and content presentations, introducing a fluid grid for maximum scalability on all devices. Our This approach reflects the shift in industry to larger, more impactful presentations that balance clean design with dynamic contents. We These updates enhance the visual appeal of our website and put our results, offering and collective identity at the forefront.

Integrating Motion design throughout our digital presence demonstrates our commitment to dynamic storytelling. This Not only is shift important, but it also includes enriches the user experience But also aligns to our focus on being the leading edge in digital design and communications. We Although there was a slight performance impact, the tradeoff proved to be worthwhile.

Communication Style Evolution

Revising your verbal identity and overall communication style is another facet to consider to maintain relevance and resonance with your target audience—especially as your brand evolves. It’s You can improve the way you communicate your brand values, story and offerings. Here’s How to improve your content strategy and tone of voice.

  • Tone Vocal refinement As Your brand personality will evolve as well as your tone of voice. For If you are moving from formality to approachability, your voice tone should reflect this change. Conduct A tone-of voice audit can be performed across all of your communications in order to identify any areas of improvement and gaps. Use Use these insights to develop clear guidelines with examples and scenarios that are practical.
  • Content strategy adjustments: Review Your existing content and make sure it is aligned with your new brand positioning, tone of voice and messaging. Your Your content should reflect strategic shifts in your brand, while also providing value to your target audience. Beyond Focus on common challenges and sharing insights. Encourage a two-way discussion when appropriate. Plan Content calendars should be filled with topics that resonate well with your target audience. You can use different formats, such as podcasts, blog posts or videos.

What We Did At BB

We We have re-designed our communication style and tone to better reflect our partner-focused narratives. This The approach emphasizes collaboration, our role of a strategic partner and the results we achieve, as well as the alignment between our mission and value.

When In terms of content strategy, since we’re shifting focus to become industry thought leaders, our first step is to shed more light on projects, thought processes and operational methods. With In order to do so, we will share real insights about our daily interactions with clients, how an agency is built and grown, and much more.

And That’s A Wrap

A brand refresh is an important strategic initiative that aligns all aspects of your identity to the mission, values and value proposition of your company. Through Brand refreshes can be a powerful tool to boost your brand’s recognition. They are characterized by purposeful changes and clear strategic objectives. As You are more likely make an impact if you approach these changes with clarity, purpose and strategic foresight.

If If you would like to see the best practices in practice, please take the BB website Have a go!

BB Agency It is a digital partner that combines creativity, technology, and strategy for holistic growth. By We rely on the expertise of our partners to address real human needs. full-cycle digital capabilities Shape brands, experiences and products to enrich the lives millions of people every day. Our Our approach is rooted on a deep understanding and appreciation of the unique challenges and opportunities faced by our clients. driving holistic change And creating lasting value.

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